Turkey’s President Gul Says He Has no Plans in Politics

BlfhCOxIMAAayhnTurkish President Abdullah Gül ruled out swapping seats with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan after the upcoming elections, saying that Russia’s “Putin-Medvedev” formula is not suitable for Turkey, speaking to press on April 18.

“I believe the Putin-Medvedev formula wouldn’t be a completely suitable model in Turkey,” Gül said during a visit to the inner Aegean province of Kütahya.

Gül had been seen as a potential future prime minister with Erdoğan as head of state. After Gül’s remarks, the question as to who will replace Erdoğan if he runs for the presidency in the August election remains.

When asked about the presidential election, Gül said he has no “plans for the future.”

“I don’t have any political plan for the future under today’s circumstances,” Gül told reporters.
Stressing he “can’t talk openly about certain subjects as he is currently the president,” Gül said: “I said we would speak and discuss about [the presidential elections] with our friends and we will make a decision. Turkey is a mature country. The future of Turkey will always be bright.”