Turkish Satire Mag Honors Charlie Hebdo With Photo Of Wolinski’s Mosque Visit

n_76817_1The prominent Turkish satirical cartoon magazine Leman released a special issue in honor of Charlie Hebdo on Jan. 12, featuring on its cover a picture of killed cartoonist Wolinski drawing while wearing a taqiyah [Islamic skullcap] at Istanbul’s famed Eyüp Sultan Mosque.

Georges Wolinski, one of the pioneers of French satirical cartoons, was among the 12 victims of the massacre targeting the magazine Jan. 7.

“Our master and big brother, a lover of peace and freedom, philosopher illustrator Geroges Wolinski, who was killed after being proclaimed an enemy of İslam and the Prophet, while drawing with awe at the Eyüp Sultan Mosque,” a caption next to the picture reads.

Leman’s cartoonists said Wolinski himself gave them this photo as a souvenir during one of his several trips to Istanbul.
Wolinski, revered by his peers, was considered hugely influential by Turkish cartoonists. During an interview in 2005, he said he knew Leman very well and appreciated the many political cartoonists in Turkey.

Fellow Turkish satirical magazine, Penguen, also shared a cartoon to express grief over the attack, while announcing that its issue this week would also be dedicated to Charlie Hebdo.

Penguen and Leman’s cartoonists, not unlike those at Charlie Hebdo, have often come under fire for their irreverent style, but are also a source of fresh air for many segments of Turkish society.