Turkish Series Also Attracted the Attention of the United Nations

launsky.5054790UN Assistant Secretary General Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal, Turkey increased the effectiveness of the organization’s activities, but the low number of UN agencies involved in Turkey, he said.

Launsky-Tieffenthal  Turkey to increase the number of employees to refer candidates to ensure more BM exams and test preparation help. Launsky-Tieffenthal was in İstanbul-Turkey for “Peace in the Middle East – International Media Seminar “under the UN Communications Chief.

Tieffenthal, education, development, sexual discrimination, to increase awareness on environmental sensitivity film industry benefited in the region, a widely watched series in the Turkish attempt to handle these themes was expressed.
Nicole Kidman plays the lead role, “Interpreter” (The Interpreter), the film is designed to draw attention to the work of the UN official stressed that the first project in America, “published in the Revolution” science fiction tv sequence from the social messages about the environment and energy experts drafted the UN said.

Rightly to be ineffective in ending Syria, the UN human drama that great review, but stated that it stems from the attitude of the member states, rather than the organization Launsky-Tieffenthal, consensus among the member states were ensured to be cleaned of chemical weapons was not delayed UN experts noted that the field drops,

Referring to the activities of the United Nations authorized suspension of the organization across the globe take on care of 44 million refugees, 90 million people every day, with the World Food Programme has been providing food, half of the world’s children are indoctrinated by the UN said.

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