Turkey’s First Solo Exhibition in China Ink Painters

 Turkey’s first pen and ink artist Pınar Tınç, Creole name “Mao Mama Mia” or “I love you Mom” ​​ personal exhibition opened in Arnavutkoy Art Gallery.

The exhibition, which will be open from April 17 to May 30, features 18 works by the artist using all of the Indian ink colors.

Due to her husband’s job in 2011, she settled in the island of La Reunion in the Indian Ocean and lived on the island for 6 years. .

Uludağ University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department, artist, Hacettepe in 2010 and master’s degree in Marmara University in 2010, the works in this exhibition, mainly in Oceania and geometric patterns, vegetal colors and frames from life to life .

Pınar Tınç, whose youngest is 70 x 70 and the biggest one is 1.60 x 1.60 in length, said ğü The painting is one of my reasons. My therapy method is the strongest link with the past. I can’t imagine life without a picture, Resim he says.


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