Two New Crossovers in Mazda’s Barrel

The Japanese manufacturer will introduce two new ambassadors in the popular CX series during 2022.

A lot of “underground” activity has been going on in the Mazda brand in the last two years. Some of the brand’s preparations involve technological changes and the implementation of electric propulsion, but to this day they still devote most of their attention to conventional vehicles. One of them, which arouses a lot of curiosity, is a luxury 6-cylinder saloon vehicle with rear-wheel drive that will compete with the best saloon production from Germany and may be launched next year. Meanwhile, Mazda is concentrating on sales hits and mostly refreshing the crossover family.

According to media reports in Japan, Mazda will expand its range of models during 2022 with two new off-road vehicles of the important CX family. The brand is now signed to the CX-60 and CX-80 for the European continent and from there for increased distribution. Both will be brand new models, armed with modern and very interesting engines, including plug-in versions as well as the same six-cylinder engine mentioned above.

The pair of new representatives in the CX series will be the first Mazda models available with a rechargeable petrol-electric system. The same PHEV versions will be attached to a four-cylinder petrol engine powered by an electric motor, but Mazda does not currently specify anything about it or the power supplies. Meanwhile, Mazda confirms that both models, regardless of their positioning, will get the most senior power station; These are not just six-piston engines, but engines in Skyactiv-X technology with fuel-saving solutions. Mazda will also load them with Skyactiv-D diesel engines, which use a 48-volt light hybrid system for the first time.

Sizes. Mazda notes that the CX-60 will be a two-row crossover, the CX-80 will have three rows of seats and therefore will have a vehicle with slightly more polished 4X4 characteristics. We would not rule out that Mazda would base the aging successor of the 6 on top of the CX-60 and thus relieve itself of a sedan car whose profits have shrunk. In the US the models will be offered with a change of digits, where the CX-70 and CX-90 will be marketed. The latter will replace the CX-9 and this move indicates that the CX-80 is continuing the path of the CX-8, another road vehicle- A long area (5 m) that we did not get to know here.

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The Japanese manufacturer will introduce two new ambassadors in the popular CX series during 2022.

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