Menopause Telling the Turning Point of Life

If you are over the middle of the age of 40 (although you may not want to think so) it is probably “menopause”.

This time, I will deliberately tell you about the thunderous “menopause” telling the turning point of life to this woman.

Regarding numerical values, individual differences are large, and fluctuations in the sex cycle must also be taken into account if it is before menopause, so the reference value can not be strictly determined. Menopausal disorder is often affected more rapidly than the secretion volume itself or by the size of the gap, so it is limited that you can grasp and analyze with one hormone test.
In order to accurately capture the change, it is desirable to grasp your hormonal value from about 35 years old. I will give you a rough guideline below.

The root cause is because the ovary sent out all the eggs, finished their roles, and no longer made female hormones (E2, P4). That’s all.
However, it is a symptom and it is ten thousand persons color and it is million people color. Although there is no chestnut when enumerating, in the case of Japanese women, headache, shoulder stiffness, fatigue, hot flush (hot flush), low back pain are seen relatively often.

When classifying various symptoms, it can be roughly divided into three types. (See also figure below title)

Autonomic nervous system (vasomotor nervous system)

A representative of the autonomic nervous system is a hot flash which suddenly happens hot flashes, and sweating. Autonomic nervous system is an unconscious nerve that controls functions such as respiration / blood circulation / digestion / temperature regulation / endocrine / reproductive which we must live. If you get a loss, everything will show up in your body.

Mental nervous system
Representatives of the psychic nervous system are the depression and anxiety which can be said as “rebounding” and “rebound” that the firing line of anger becomes very short. (Even if the surrounding people raise the roots first and come to consult!) It is very painful for my feelings to be uncontrollable, but autonomic nervousness is deeply involved in this as well.

Other symptoms

Symptoms of exercise system such as body pain and digestive system such as anorexia are often seen. These are often derived from disorders of the autonomic nervous system, but some of which are directly related to estrogen deficiency.

Menopausal disorder ≈ autonomic imbalance

If you say menopausal disorder that occurs before and after menopause in one word, it is autonomic imbalance caused by disorder of hormonal balance. It also has aspects of psychosomatic disorders that create a variety of symptoms and individual differences by complicated interactions of stress, environmental factors, immune system and so on.

Reduction of estrogen (E2) is also known to cause increases in triglyceride and bone mass, but these are relatively slowly appearing after menopause and are called change in hormonal balance It is caused by chronic shortage of estrogen rather than its good effect.

In the meantime, it is first to exterminate the symptoms of autonomic nervous system which markedly loses quality of life, and the psychic nervous system which seems to put cracks in human relations, but why the deficiency of hormones occurred in the ovary is a symptom of the nervous system Let’s understand how it causes it.

Pronouns of menopause, the truth of hot flash

Hormones are not secretly arbitrarily secreted here and there. While being a hormonal control center, the hypothalamus of the brain grasps the hormone properly secreted by blood concentration and instructs it according to its contents.
For details, please read “Female Hormone Basic Knowledge, Structure and Type”.

An annoying power hara boss “hypothalamus” chief

When entering menopause, ovaries of the hormone factory will decrease the ova of raw materials and the pace of operation will fall rapidly. By looking at the report on production volume that has not reached the goal at all, the hypothalamus orders the secretary’s office pituitary to send a message to the ovary to make more estrogen (E2). This message corresponds to FSH (follicle stimulating hormone).

But those that are unreasonable consultation to increase the production of estrogen in absolutely no ovary of the prospect of the raw material stock. The hypothalamus, which is angry with a decline in production, continues to shout until morning till night, and the pituitary gland becomes busy for mass secretion of FSH.

“Autonomic nerve” with the same boss

Unfortunately, this hypothalamus department is in excellent position, and I am following many direct “departments” below. In addition to sex hormones, thyroid gland, growth, adrenocortical hormone etc. are also managed, but the most important thing is adjustment of autonomic nerves.

In addition to the bad mood of the top sex hormone management section is overworked and over-labor condition. Disturbing air flows out throughout the hypothalamus. The autonomic nervousness adjustment department makes a mistake by making a mistake by being astonished by an angry heard from the immediate vicinity, immediately sending an instruction to sweat a lot, or raising the pitch of the heart, although there is no need to lower the temperature of the skin It is. This is how the hot flash happens.

Panic flies to the next amygdala body

It is the part of the amygdala of the limbic system that is responsible for human instinctive feelings such as anger and fear. This place is also very close to the hypothalamus. It is the feeling of the room just next to one wall separated. The hypothalamus also plays a role of helping the hormone action in the brain related to emotion and soothes it with oxytocin when the adjuvant amygdala is excited, but it also often becomes leaves. When this happens, the whole headquarters called the brain will be giggis. There were also reasons for various symptoms of mental retardation in the menopause.

The secret to silence annoying boss: HRT (hormone replacement therapy)

As a director who is not flexible, how about a managerial position? Actually, this boss, the result seems to be nothing about the process at all, so there are aims there. Let’s outsource. Yes, this is HRT (hormone replacement therapy). It is a strategy to trick the brain by replenishing hormones that can not be made from outside.

HRT has immediate effect on symptoms of autonomic nervous system. Just improving these will greatly improve quality of life (quality of life). HRT is the first choice for treatment of menopausal disorder, except in cases where severe liver injury or breast cancer / endometrial cancer and the risk of estrogen administration are very high (HRT contraindications).

Overcome menopause with custom-made treatment

Placenta therapy: insurance medical examination (45 to 59 years old)

Increase natural healing power and immunity by ingesting placental ingredients. Subcutaneous injections are common. T
* Progestogen: medication that works as progesterone (P4)

It is important to search patiently for the method that suits you

It is a diverse symptom that makes it difficult to treat menopausal disorder. It appears frequently at the same time, and in many cases it changes often every moment, often being cleared up with “indeterminate complaints”.
In order to carefully clear each symptom while grasping the whole, all treatment methods must be tailor-made according to the patient.

Menopausal women within the chest

For women working in the front line, sadly, menopause superbly overlaps with the peak of life that is in socially important posts. Even though I tried to make a lot of male efforts and established my achievements with my best efforts, I was not able to get caught in the menstrual period.

Moreover, at home, parents’ care is overlapped at an important time when children are at the entrance to society, unusual stress will spur the symptoms of menopause. I am at a loss, there will be no translation and my tears will stop stopping.
One day I saw myself in the window of a train and I am stunned by the old face. I do not know where the depressed feeling will end.

Today it may be tempting to visit psychosomatic medicine department, we recommend first trying hormone examination in gynecology department of menopause outpatient. Because I started suddenly taking psychotropic medicine, there are also people who can not get out of there and wander around.

It is important to notice and understand menopause!

It’s okay. There is no menopause without an exit. You will always find a solution that suits you.

If you get called with Menopause and Katakana like Collagen and Placenta, the image will be somewhat better, but the profile of English is still low and you will not see a totally rooted appearance.

As society shows a little more understanding, at least when women exchange information with each other, there are many women who think that there are many women who will be saved by spreading knowledge on menopause and HRT.