US Stocks Fall Which Drove the Asian Stocks to Follow the General Decline

US stocks to fall, which drove the Asian stocks to follow the general decline, and Taiwan could not escape the impact. Although the external environment cannot be controlled, it is hoped that through the promotion of relevant new measures, the attractiveness of Taiwan stocks and the physical fitness of Taiwan stocks can be enhanced.

Taipei Taiwan stocks fell again on the 24th with volume, and the final drop was 319.5 points or 2.54%. The FMC’s analysis of this is mainly due to the negative factors in the market, which caused the

U.S. stocks led the decline in technology stocks, and the three major indexes plummeted again on Wednesday, causing Taiwan stocks to drop across the board at the opening on Thursday, gaping and falling below the quarterly line at 12,577 points, and then fell all the way under the weakness of weight stocks. The final weighted index plummeted 319.5 points and closed at 12264.38 points, the lowest point of the day, a drop of 2.54%, and the trading volume increased to 243.499 billion yuan.

Among the major Asian stock markets on Thursday, South Korean stocks fell 60.45 points, or 2.59%, the highest, and Taiwan stocks fell 319.5 points, or 2.54%. Hong Kong stocks fell 431.44 points, or 1.82%, Shanghai stocks fell 59.27 points, or 1.72%, Singapore stocks fell 30.32 points, or 1.22%, and Japanese stocks fell 258.67 points, or 1.11%.

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