Usage Rate of Vehicle Sharing Service Soared

Vehicle sharing services are showing rapid growth. This is because the service utilization rate increased as demand from Corona 19 overlapped with the existing growth trend due to the universalization of the sharing economy.

Vehicle-sharing service company’SOCAR’ has announced a changed use pattern of vehicle-sharing services since the outbreak of Corona 19. This was based on a comparative analysis of the usage data for 2019 and 2020.

12% increase in usage time

According to the data, despite the decrease in overall demand for travel such as school, commuting, business trips, and vacations due to Corona 19, service hours have increased by more than 12% in a year. It is analyzed that this is due to the fact that users who prefer safer means of transportation used a lot of vehicle sharing services in daily life such as commuting and shopping.

In 2020, when Corona 19 occurred, the gap in the proportion of reservations between high and low seasons compared to 2019 has significantly narrowed. The coefficient of variation, which represents the difference in the proportion of monthly reservations in 2020, decreased by 43% compared to 2019. In particular, in January (58%), February (33%), March (44%), and November (22%), which are considered the off-season, there was a clear increase in usage time per reservation.

Rapid increase in use for commuting purposes

The purpose of using the service has also diversified. In particular, the number of cases of using the vehicle sharing service for commuting purposes rather than business trips or travel appeared to have increased rapidly.

In the case of Socar, the number of use of’commuting coupons’ paid for commuting users is found to have increased by 68.22% compared to 2019. The coupon showed the highest increase in usage in their 30s (87%) and 40s (95%).

Their preference for mid- to long-term services for over a month has also increased significantly. In the case of the’Socar Plan’ service, which can be used on a monthly basis for up to 36 months, a total of 4,027 contracts were signed last year, and half of the contractors said that it was for commuting and work purposes. In addition, the number of contracts per user was 1.74, and the rate of contract extension was also high.

As the COVID-19 outbreak has prolonged, it seems that office workers are more actively using vehicle sharing services than before for safer and more personalized commuting.

Along with this, more people regularly subscribe to car sharing services. In the case of Socar’s regular subscription service, Socar Pass, the number of subscriptions reached 275,227 last year alone. Socar Pass subscribers’ usage time increased by 80% and mileage increased by 90%.


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