Vaccines in Europe About the Third Dose

Leading the way is Israel, which since August has started the administration on a voluntary basis to over 60 immunized with two doses for at least five months.

In the context of a Delta variant that does not slow down its run, there are already those who are betting on the third dose of vaccines. After Israel led the world, administering it from Sunday 1 August on a voluntary basis to over 60 immunized with two doses for at least five months and having already registered thousands of bookings, Germany is in the wake, announcing that from September it will offer the additional appeal to its most fragile citizens. The United Kingdom is also studying a plan to propose a third tranche of doses, again from next month, to the most vulnerable.

Choices that also relaunch the debate in Italy on whether to go in that direction in Italy as well. A topic on which the scientists have divided but a decision, announced in recent days the director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health Gianni Rezza, could be taken by the end of the month. The feeling is that even in this case we should start with the most fragile people. All in the belief that vaccination remains the fundamental weapon against variants. The EMA has already expressed itself on the subject of the third dose, underlining that at the moment “it is too early to confirm if and when a booster dose will be needed, because there is not yet enough data from the vaccination campaigns”.

In Germany third dose to vulnerable since September
Germany has therefore announced that it will offer the elderly and people at risk a third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine starting in September. The indication came from the German Ministry of Health, citing concerns about “a reduced or rapidly weakened immune response”. The new booster, with Pfizer or Moderna, will also be offered to those who have already received two doses of Astrazeneca or the single from Johnson & Johnson, the ministry added. In addition to the green light for the third dose for the “at risk” groups, the ministers of health of the 16 Laender have decided to offer the doses to children aged 12 to 17 years.

London is preparing for a “vaccine booster plan”
In the UK, Boris Johnson’s government is preparing a plan for the administration of the third dose that would be reserved for now, according to the media, for the “most vulnerable people” such as the elderly, the chronically ill, at risk of respiratory infection, starting from September. A spokesman for the Ministry of Health confirmed that London is “preparing for a booster plan” vaccines, but the details of a final decision will be made public “in due course”, also on the basis of ad hoc studies still underway.