Value of Nissan,Commemorative Watch 200 million…

Nissan launched its GT-R 50th anniversary model at the Goodwood Festival in July in the UK. This car, created by collaboration with escape design, is responsible for the development, design and manufacturing of prototypes.

Exit Design is a design company established in 1968. It was founded by a car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro and is famous for designing Volkswagen Golf, SAAB 9000, and Hyundai Pony, Stella, Daewoo Lanos and Leganza as domestic cars.

The GT-R50’s design was completed in collaboration with Nissan Design Europe and Nissan Design America. Nissan sells these special models in limited quantities. The price is 900,000 euros. Hanhwa exceeds about 1.17 billion won.

The V6 3.8-liter engine is equipped with two turbochargers on the VR38DETT engine, delivering a maximum output of 720 hp. The maximum torque exceeds 107 Kg.m. This is a 20% performance improvement over the GT-R’s high-performance GT-R Nismo‘s 600 horsepower. It is known as the strongest performance among the previous GT-R models. This engine is produced by hand in Nice.

The body color is freely selectable by the consumer, and the rear wing is divided into two types, one for circuit driving and one for general road driving. The interior design can not be changed, but the material can be changed according to the consumer’s taste.

On the other hand, the Japanese Seiko watch has released a limited watch to commemorate Nissan’s sports car GT-R. Seiko is one of the leading watch brands in Japan. This edition is inspired by the Italian “Italian Design” (ITALDESIGN), famous for automotive design, and the GT-R50, which was born from Nissan’s collaboration.

Seiko says the watch aims to be the best watch, aiming at the essential value of the watch, such as accuracy and beauty.
The outer case is made of hard ceramic material to protect the watch from scratches. The ceramics used here are known to have the highest strength among zirconia ceramics. The basis of the watch is also based on the Grand Seiko, which belongs to the finest in the Seiko line.


In addition to this GT-R edition, Seiko will also be able to order its custom-made watch at the Seiko Flagship Salon in Ginza, Tokyo.

The minimum retail price of this edition is 20 million yen, sold at 200 million won in Hanhwa, and 8% in value added tax separately. Also, we will sell only 3 watches in total.

Hülya Karahan: The Founder