Visionox: Chinese Company Presents a Rollable Smartphone Display

The Chinese technology company Visionox has already made a name for itself in the smartphone industry. Among other things, the company produced the display for the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. The special feature: It was a so-called “surround display”. The screen included almost the entire front and back. At the “First World Conference on Display Industry” in China, the company now presented another spectacular development: a display that can be rolled in a 7-millimeter radius. The manufacturer relies on the so-called “in-cell technology”. In concrete terms, this means that the sensors for the touch display are located directly in the screen.

The display has not yet been integrated into a smartphone
As another feature, the developers refer to a so-called “self-lamination”. It is a kind of protective film for the display. Apart from that, not too much is known about the new scrollable screen. At least he seems to be still a long way from being ready for the market. Because Visionox presented a perfectly functioning prototype at the trade fair. For technical reasons, however, the display was not yet integrated in a specific product. Other manufacturers, such as Samsung and LG, have already announced smartphones with scrollable displays. In these cases, however, there is still no finished device. Responsible for this should also be technical reasons.

Also a folding smartphone was presented

Visionox also presented a second new product at the display fair: a folding phone with foldable display. The idea behind it is not completely new. After all, even the recently presented Motorola Razr sets exactly this aspect. However, the prototype presented by the Chinese company has the advantage that the device can hardly be distinguished from a conventional smartphone when it is unfolded. Visionox is also known for investing a lot of money in research and development. It is therefore quite possible that the company will make a name for itself over the next few years with further innovations – and then also gain notoriety in Germany.