Volkswagen Passat: from 2023 only the Variant?

On the occasion of the new generation, Volkswagen should thin out the Passat range, cutting the four-door sedan version that sells less and less.
Volkswagen Passat: from 2023 only the Variant?

If sales of SUVs and crossovers are constantly growing, sedans are increasingly far from the public’s taste. And so, to accommodate this trend, car manufacturers are starting to eliminate the traditional 4-door with a tail, even if these are an integral part of their history. After Ford, which in August retired the last sedan sold in the US (read more here), it could be the turn of Volkswagen, which seems willing to cut one of its most long-lived and representative sedans: the Volkswagen Passat. launched in 1973 and now in its eighth generation.

According to rumors collected by the Autonews website, the sedan variant of the Volkswagen Passat could be phased out in 2023, when the current generation retires. However, this does not mean that the German average will be permanently withdrawn from the market: the ninth generation should only be offered in the wagon version, a type of body that continues to have a certain number of admirers in Europe, starting with companies and rental companies.

The rumors are not a bolt from the blue and come a few days after an important announcement from Volkswagen, which confirmed its intention to move the production of the future Passat from the German plant in Emden to the Slovakian plant in Bratislava, where the cousin is also built Skoda Superb (the two cars have the same floor), with a view to reorganizing its activities: Edmen will become a pole of electric mobility. And so, on the occasion of this transfer, Volkswagen would have decided to thin out the range and cut the less strategic cars, precisely the Passat sedan and also its derivative Arteon.

n addition to not re-proposing the Passat sedan and Arteon, the German manufacturer also seems willing to cut the American version of the Passat, built locally and different from that for Europe. Also in this case, the choice is dictated by the poor sales results: registrations of the American Passat increased in 2020, but remain low in absolute terms.