Volkswagen Polo GTS Combines Conservatism and Performance

Volkswagen, this 21st century GTS brings a style that combines conservatism and performance, which does not please everyone, but in your case, it works.

Without many adornments and with standard height suspension, the VW Polo GTS looks like a personalization, but its behavior and performance go far from the other versions.

With 1.4 TSI engine of 150 horsepower and even with a Tiptronic gearbox, the Polo GTS goes a long way, as you would expect, but it also behaves well in everyday life.

The Volkswagen Polo GTS draws attention in the streets for its front end equipped with headlights with red friezes and signature LED, as well as for its “GTS” grille.

The “black mouth” on the bumper also stands out. Another attraction is the 17-inch alloy wheels, with a design that refers to the Jetta GLI in style.

Black rear-view mirrors and GTS badge (which is quite small), the Polo GTS goes far from showing off, especially when compared to the classic Gol GTS.

At the rear, the LED flashlights are lonely with only the acronym GTS dominating the lid. The double chrome exhaust is a breath of fresh air. Neither black roof or air deflector to reinforce the style.

Inside, the Polo GTS comes as the current Volkswagen outfit dictates, which is to direct the attention of the driver and passenger to the dashboard screens.

Active Info Display with red graphics stands out in fact, having the same shade seen on the gearshift console, side air diffusers and steering wheel and seat seams.

The 10.25-inch screen is in tune with Discover Media multimedia with another 8-inch screen, with good presentation and Android Auto and CarPlay, in addition to the forgotten MirrorLink.

It features the performance monitor, which helps to give a feeling of sportiness on board rather than being useful in sport driving. One of the functions only works in a closed circuit.

The same in relation to the roar of the engine, artificially reproduced in the passenger compartment and adjustable in three levels, according to the driving proposa.

Without pruning the sound insulation, VW decided not to tamper with the basic structure of the Polo, which on the one hand is good.

Good grip steering wheel with necessary paddle shifts and tight seats give more comfort to the driver, who will still have a Tiptronic shift lever with manual option if desired.

The start button on the console and the automatic air conditioning (it could be dual zone) also remind you that the Polo GTS is a more complete car, although it does not match the finish.

The front doors – as well as the panel – are made of hard plastics that do not hide the low cost appearance. At the back, even worse, as there are no details to reinforce its position.

Even the seats with “premium” coating have the acronym GTS almost hidden under a darkened finish, although the steering wheel shows it well at its base. Less bad…

In a darkened environment, as the sports costumes (with great exceptions), the Polo GTS has good content, but a sunroof was lacking to give more importance to the mission.

At the back, air and USB diffusers, in addition to a medium space compared to the brother Virtus GTS. With Beats sound system, the sound is great.

Having him on board, part of the 300 liters of trunk space will go away, but it still has an acceptable volume, especially for the youthful proposal of this sports Polo.

The Polo GTS benefits from more embedded technology and reproduces the current panorama, the same even in super sports.

Electronic programming, which is also (to a lesser extent, of course) in the French hatch, applies full-time.

In exchange for changes in the lever and agility in the clutch, the programming applied to the GTS is similar to that seen in the GTI. So, is sporting golf bad too? Do not.

With the full response of the great 1.4 TSI 150 horsepower propeller starting at 5,000 rpm and torque of 25.5 kgfm between 1,400 and 4,000 rpm, things change completely in your favor.

Living up to the past, the Polo GTS engine doesn’t need much explanation. It is very elastic and delivers the necessary strength at any time, responding as required.

This can be in the softness of the Eco mode, in the good dosage of the Normal or in the Sport’s readiness, which doesn’t even need a “+ or Plus” mode to really give what one imagines.

In fact, it even dispenses with the soundtrack from a sound system. The feeling of strength is very clear and needs no introduction.

The six-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission is not bad, but it obviously does not have the same response as a DSG. Either way, nothing replaces the pleasure of the lever and the clutch.


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 Volkswagen Polo GTS Combines Conservatism and Performance

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