Volkswagen Polo Welcoming with the 95 bhp 1.0 Petrol Engine

Volkswagen Polo: Comfort and rich equipment have their price
The updated edition of the Volkswagen Polo confirms itself as welcoming and, with the 95 bhp 1.0 petrol engine, also lively. Standard technological equipment such as LED matrix headlights which, however, increase the amount of the check.

Four years after its launch, the Volkswagen Polo has cooled down slightly. It can be recognized by the even more multifaceted headlights (LED matrix for the Test Style and full LED for all the other versions) and joined by a thin light strip (replaced by a glossy profile in the Life and “base”) that crosses the lower area of ​​the mask. Also revised the bumper, more refined, and the headlights: they have larger dimensions and extend over the tailgate. The novelty in the cockpit concerns the digital dashboard, standard for all trim levels. The provision of driving aids has been enhanced with the IQ.Drive package (standard for the Style and R-Line, at 915 euros for the Life): it groups the systems for semi-autonomous driving which, in certain situations, can move the cars on their own by acting on the steering, accelerator and brakes (hands, we remind you, must still be kept on the steering wheel).

For the engines of the renewed Volkswagen Polo, the 1.0 three-cylinder petrol aspirated with 80 HP and turbo with 95 or 110 HP are confirmed (the latter only with the robotic dual-clutch gearbox, offered at 1,500 euros for the model from 95 CV). The same engine is also powered by methane: in this case it delivers 90 HP. For sports enthusiasts, the GTI has a 2.0 turbo petrol with 207 hp.

The prices of the renewed Volkswagen Polo are not low and start at 18,700 euros for the 80 HP Evo with manual air conditioning, Bluetooth, connections with telephones and safety equipment such as the central airbag (in case of collision it inflates between passenger and driver), automatic emergency braking and lane keeping. The Life (from € 20,750 with the 95 HP three-cylinder engine) adds cruise control, the multimedia system with an 8 “screen and 15” alloy wheels. The Style (from € 22,550) also has 16 ”rims, lumbar adjustment for the seats, fog lights and front and rear distance sensors. Same price for the R-Line, which stands out for its sporty aesthetic characterization. 29,500 euros the cost for the gritty GTI.

Four are comfortable

The interior of the renewed Volkswagen Polo is again appreciated for the availability of space and maintains a rigorous appearance. The massive soft-touch dashboard is well done, not quite as satisfying, especially considering the price of the car, the hard plastic trim for the doors. Careful graphics and ease of reading characterize the 10.3 “digital dashboard (8” for the less expensive “base” and Life models) and widely configurable by pressing the buttons on the right side of the steering wheel. Easy to use, the multimedia system with an 8 “screen, also proposed in 9.2” (visible in the photos) in combination with the navigator (1,570 euros) with voice commands.

A refinement, for the category, the dual-zone automatic climate control (425 euros and visible in the photos) with touch controls which, however, cannot be identified by touch with the immediacy of the classic buttons and knobs. The driver’s seat of the Volkswagen Polo, with its hard padding and height and lumbar adjustments, is comfortable and not excessively snug. For four adults, the space is more than adequate. A fifth in the center of the sofa is sacrificed due to the shape of the seat and the presence of the intrusive tunnel in the floor: it steals space for the feet. Another lack, the grab handles in the ceiling. The trunk is spacious, equipped with an adjustable bottom on two heights and, for 185 euros, with a spare wheel.

It is easy to get acquainted with the Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI. Genuine in its reactions, it offers a good balance between comfort and driving precision. The suspension is hard enough to limit body roll, without penalizing the absorption of road bumps, while the steering has that useful lightness at low speed, but also good precision when you pick up the pace. At low revs, the 95 bhp 1.0 petrol engine responds with a certain laziness (due to the turbo response delay); beyond 1900 rpm, the thrust becomes decisive and even in acceleration the whirling of the three cylinders is never excessive. This is due to the accurate soundproofing, which is also effective in cushioning the aerodynamic friuscii. The gearbox has precise entries for the five ratios and the clutch pedal is not heavy to press. Speaking of consumption, in the test on hilly roads faced with brio the on-board computer calculated about 13 km / l.