Ways to Increase Participation on Twitter

The co-founder of Twitter and its CEO Jacques Dorsey confirmed that the company will not give users the ability to edit tweets yet … The founder of “Twitter” reveals: This is my decision regarding the amendment of tweets The founder of “Twitter” reveals: This is my decision regarding the amendment of tweets technology

The Twitter platform has increased the number of characters allowed in the tweet from 140 to 280 characters, and users have shown their enthusiasm for the topic because humans love to talk about things and elaborate on them, but what we recommend is to use 100 characters in the tweet, where the strength of the tweet lies in its shortness and richness in Information, so the words are not good.

The use of the correct hashtag tags in your tweet increases the chances of its spread and enhances the engagement of a large number of users in the topic you are talking about, so you must use the hashtag linked directly to the tweet, and it must be used by a large number of people, and you must refrain from using the hashtag It has nothing to do with the tweet because users will view your account as unprofessional or fake, and the hashtag should be used based on geotargeting.

Using an image in a Tweet is much better than posting a Tweet without an image, and the video is often more effective, in addition to GIFs that attract attention, and you should make sure that the image or video you are posting has a direct and close relationship to the topic you are talking about.

The goal of multimedia is to enhance the reach of the idea that you put forward, users in general on networks are attracted to human faces in the images, so if you have an image and text that completes the idea of ​​your tweet and the image is the right size for the platform then this tweet will be a candidate for a larger number of contracts.

Knowing the best time to Twitter is one of the important advantages that enhance the appearance of your tweets, as you can get the best posts by choosing the best time, and this timing varies from one account to another, and if you want to reach all of your fans you must tweet at different times commensurate with the presence of your audience On the Twitter platform.


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