What Gilinski was Looking for in the Offer for the Third Part of the Argos Group

It will receive, at least, from the Junta Directive and increase its indirect participations in other GEA companies.

with the new public procurement offer (Opa) launched by the Gilinski Group, which is about the Argos Group, the Infrastructure Unit, Cements and Concretes of the Antioque Emperor Group (GEA), the Busca Conglomerado Busca, al minos obtener the junta directive, and it will increase its indirect participations in the demas companies, between them Bancolombia.

It is worth noting that the GEA, as well as the Gilinski Group, have been involved for decades in the ownership of the Bancolombia and with the important opportunities in Nutresa and Grupo Sura, many of whom are interested in Gilinski, whose empirical empire is closely linked to industry is launched to search for its entry in the property of the largest bank in the country.

The Grupo Gilinski acquired between 26 and 32.5% of the Grupo Argos company, which is chaired by Jorge Mario Velasquez.

For this Opa the purchase price for each issue of the issue will be US $ 4.08 which is payable effectively and in dollars or in dollars and the offer is up to US $ 880 million, it is worth around $ 3.6 billion.

The Gilinski Group, has carried out 6 operations, 3 on the Nutrition Group and three on the Sura Group has 30.8% of the main food processor and 34.5% of the GEA’s financial holding.