What Kind of Food Should be Eaten for Office Work

Busy office workers often hurriedly send out a lunch. Those who can get half an hour go to the convenience store to fill their stomachs. Some busy people find it hard to get out of the office, so they can only sit in their seats and eat soda crackers as a meal. There are also people who are rushing away from business and swallowing lunch.

More people neglect to eat lunch, or have a hasty solution, and have a compensatory mentality after work, which makes the dinner excessive and high in oil and calories, which brings a great burden to the stomach and intestines.

The ideal three meals a day are regular and quantitative. If skipping any meal, there are many disadvantages, including affecting gastrointestinal function, being too hungry, losing energy, being unable to concentrate, and being unable to cope with the subsequent meeting work. Nutritional imbalances will become more serious and even affect the body’s immune function for a long time.

No matter how busy you are, it’s best to save 20 minutes for yourself at noon. A simple meal is to replenish energy for your body and you will have better work efficiency in the afternoon.

Prepare oatmeal, breakfast cereals and milk powder

There are quite a few breakfast cereal products on the market. Put a box in the company and eat it immediately, which is very convenient for people who cannot get out of the office. But eating this alone is not enough to be balanced and rich. There are a few selection tips and matching methods:

1. Look at the ingredient label on the package, choose simple oatmeal or pure whole grain tablets (directly crushed products such as whole grains), preferably without additives such as sugar and creamer.

2. In addition to grains, some products also add beans to increase the protein content, which is a better choice.

3. Take a look at the fiber content of the nutrition label, and choose a product that provides 3 to 5 grams or more of fiber.

In addition to increasing protein, they also consume high-quality oils. When you want to change the taste, you can add a little raisins or all kinds of dried fruits.

In addition, many products can be eaten directly with chilled milk, low-sugar soy milk or yogurt. They can be bought in the office and refrigerated during work.

Those who prefer salty taste can make use of commercially available cup soups, instant soup bags and other products, add cereal flakes to brew together, or add water to microwave for a few minutes to make a lunch similar to salty porridge. But this kind of combination method, the amount of protein is low, it is recommended to drink a cup of low-fat milk or low (no) sugar soy milk, or eat a tea egg to supplement the calories and nutrition.

In addition to bulk, brewable cereal products, solid energy bars are another alternative.

Compared to breakfast cereals, energy meal bars have less variability and cannot be made by themselves. Balance and diversity are even more insufficient. If you rely on such meal bars to pass a meal, you must eat extra protein. Food, such as bringing a tea egg, hot spring egg, or at least a bottle of fresh milk to a convenience store.

Although convenient instant foods such as cereals and energy meal bars keep busy people out of the bad lunch of just gnawing biscuits, these foods can only be used as a “meal replacement”, with one meal a day at most, and it is best not to do it every day. After all, the nutrition and diversity it can provide is far inferior to fresh food, so it should not be overly dependent.

Bring your own fruits and supplement vegetables for dinner

For office workers who have limited lunch time, best to  bringing fruit to the office. In addition to making lunch more diverse, fruit can also increase satiety and make the afternoon more physically and mentally coping with work.

It’s not difficult to eat fruit in the office. Just pick the type of fruit and choose the fruit that is convenient to carry and eat. It does not need to be peeled and cut. You can wash or peel the fruit directly, such as small tomatoes, rose peaches, plums, and cherries. , Oranges, bananas, dates, lotus mist, etc. If it is not convenient to bring fruits every day, you can buy some fruits that can be stored at room temperature, such as a small bunch of unripe bananas, which can be eaten for three or four days; or a few oranges , California Lee, put it in a small bamboo basket, put it on the desk where you can see it, you can easily eat fruit at noon every day.

However, the above-mentioned spring lunch for busy people can only try to achieve a balanced nutrition of carbohydrates and protein. At most, fruits are added. The biggest problem is the lack of vegetables. Sometimes use dried kelp sprouts as a soup, or throw them directly into cereals and make them together. “Ingest the vegetables in the sea and add a little fiber to some extent.”

If you can’t eat a few leaves for lunch, you have to rely on dinner to get the recommended amount of 3 bowls of vegetables a day. Take three meals a day to look at a balanced diet as a whol.  It is almost impossible for modern people to achieve a balanced meal, but at least they must stick to the goal of daily balance.


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