What Kind of Office Furniture can Make Work More Comfortable

What kind of office furniture can make work more comfortable? In such a busy era, people spend more time in the office than other times. A comfortable office furniture will undoubtedly make people more comfortable and at the same time improve work efficiency.

Among all the office furniture in the office, the furniture product with the highest requirements for comfort is the office desk and chair. Because the usage rate of the desk and chair is the highest, and the closest contact with the user’s body, the requirements for its comfort are relatively high.

If the comfort of the office desk and chair is not guaranteed, the user will feel physical discomfort during use, which will have a certain impact on the user’s work efficiency and work mood. So what kind of office furniture can make work more comfortable?

Reasonable scale: The so-called reasonable scale is mainly manifested in the rationality of structural design. For example, in the design process based on ergonomics, the design is designed from the perspective of human body’s bearing and force, which is in line with the human body’s structure. A performance of rationality.

The rationality of the scale also needs to be considered from two aspects.

1. Static scale: The so-called static scale can be directly understood as the structural size of the desk and chair, such as whether the height of the desk is moderate. If the desk is too high, the user needs to keep the waist upright all the time, so that after a long time, they will feel tired, and if it is too low, they need to bend over the desk to work, so that the waist will bend for a long time. Bad health.

2. Dynamic scale: The so-called dynamic scale refers to the scale change of the desk and chair during the movement of the person. It is impossible for an office worker to sit still on an office chair, and the seat also needs to move along with it during the movement to meet the mechanical needs of the human body. For example, in the process of reclining, the backrest of the seat should be able to tilt backward accordingly, but in the process of tilting, the back of the human body should be given support to reduce the burden of human movement and make the user more comfortable during the exercise.

Therefore, office furniture with reasonable structural dimensions can make work more comfortable.

Nowadays, the city’s fast-paced working atmosphere and the personalization of office furniture will make office workers feel at ease. In the past, the office generally gave people a sense of stability and seriousness, a solid black office sofa, a solemn round table conference table and a heavy executive chair. The situation is getting worse. The mood is relaxed, and the improvement of office conditions has narrowed the sense of separation between the company and employees, and made employees more engaged in work. The humanization of office furniture meets the style of office furniture to a certain extent. The user-friendly new or second-hand office furniture is gradually being sought after by customers.

People advocate the environmental protection of home furniture, and the office furniture industry is unwilling to lag behind. When designing and making furniture, office furniture manufacturers pay attention to the selection of materials and environmental protection skills, so that people gradually consider the environmental protection functions of office furniture. This is an environmental protection period. The office area should also be environmentally protected first. Taking into account human health, environmental protection and humanity, office furniture is loved by the public.