When And How Much Coffee We should Drink

At what time of the day drinking coffee has the best refreshing effect?

How much to drink?
Whether it is a student or an office worker, sleepiness is a problem that cannot escape, and refreshing drinks such as coffee and tea are also essential. But when and how much is best for our body?

Some people say that the flowers of the motherland need to get up early and use a cup of coffee to welcome the new day. Some people say that drinking a cup of coffee before nap will make you feel better. Some people say that a cup of coffee will be complete during afternoon tea time. Some people say , Lack of a cup of coffee at night to warm the cold heart… Coffee is the most delicious when you want to drink it. This is the attitude of many people towards coffee. Therefore, cup after cup of coffee has become the norm for some coffee lovers.

But in fact, drinking coffee at the right time is a philosophy, and drinking coffee at the right time is also a coffee philosophy. In the resumption season, refreshing is indispensable, so most people choose to drink a cup of coffee when they are mentally exhausted. This is actually incorrect. The reason can be traced back to the refreshing effect of caffeine. The mechanism of caffeine is actually to occupy the position of “adenosine” produced by the body itself, and spontaneously combine with adenosine receptors in the brain to achieve a refreshing effect. And immediately after fatigue, caffeine replenishment, and then mental consumption, it is easy to overdraw your energy and accelerate your fatigue. So choosing the right time to drink a cup of coffee is very important.

It is generally believed that the best coffee time is at lunch time. Drinking a small cup of coffee during this time will help refresh, eliminate sleepiness, and keep your mind clear. Not only that, but taking a nap after a meal will make you feel better. In addition, drinking coffee after a meal can also alleviate gastric diseases, promote digestive function, and relieve the burden on the stomach. Many people think that drinking coffee in the morning is also a good choice. But in fact, because caffeine and cortisol tend to have an effect at a higher value, people’s cortisol level will peak at 8-9 in the morning on average. Drinking coffee is not good during this peak period. And if you drink coffee after breakfast, the ingested sugar will be quickly absorbed by the body, resulting in a strong sense of hunger and affecting certain concentration.  Therefore, it is not recommended to drink coffee during breakfast. If you really want to drink it, it is more friendly to choose the time period between ten and eleven. However, it should be noted that you must not drink coffee on an empty stomach. Excess caffeine will stimulate gastrointestinal motility, accelerate gastric acid secretion, and affect the gastrointestinal tract.

Although coffee is delicious, it is not a harmless drink. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the timing of coffee drinking, it is also necessary to control the amount of drinking, otherwise it is prone to “drunk coffee“. The so-called drunk coffee is the human body’s overreaction, such as rapid heartbeat, nausea, dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms. Generally speaking, the degree of caffeine that affects human health is 500-600mg, about 4-7 cups of coffee. Therefore, the daily consumption of coffee should be controlled below 4 cups of coffee, 2-3 cups is appropriate. However, due to the difference of people’s physique, everyone has different tolerance to caffeine. When you have bad symptoms after drinking coffee, you should stop drinking coffee in time. Many decaffeinated coffees are currently on the market. Among the broad categories of coffee, instant coffee is the category with the lowest content of coffee. A cup of instant coffee contains only about 30-90 mg of caffeine. Therefore, for people who are more sensitive to caffeine, instant coffee may also be a better choice…

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