When can Facebook Delete What

Deleting racist posts, blocking accounts – when and for how long this happens, Facebook decides according to its own standards. The Federal Court of Justice must now clarify whether this is okay.

One complains that citizens of the Reich are being “criminalized” while migrants can “murder and rape” without anyone caring. The other has very similar verbal attacks on migrants ready – in capital letters. Both used their Facebook accounts for the publication. The network deleted both posts and blocked accounts for 30 and three days, respectively. Blocking means that the account cannot be used for posting and commenting. Those affected then also have no access to Facebook Messenger.

The two users consider this to be illegal and have sued Facebook. You refer in particular to freedom of expression. They want the social media group to make their posts visible again and to refrain from blocking their accounts and deleting posts in the future. Josephine Ballon from “HateAid”, a counseling center for victims of hate on the Internet, appreciates the cases as “rather unusual constellation”. The organization supports those affected, among other things, in their attempts to delete posts from the network. “Usually, people who spread hate messages relevant to criminal law on the Internet do not seek the way to the public as far as the Federal Court of Justice,” said Ballon.