When the Weather is Hot Blood Pressure Fluctuations are Always Unstable

Some friends who do not have good blood pressure control often find that their blood pressure, which has been consistently high, has dropped to the normal range. At the same time, there are many friends who have good blood pressure control, and they will be affected by unknowingly low blood pressure. I was overwhelmed, and some even had symptoms of hypotension such as “dizziness, fatigue”…

Faced with such measurement results, many people have such a doubt in their minds, “Recently, blood pressure during the day has been lower than before. Is it possible to stop the medication or reduce the dose?”

What’s the reason for low blood pressure in summer

Under the high temperature in summer, blood vessels on the human body expand, vascular resistance decreases, and blood pressure drops accordingly. In addition, the human body loves to sweat in summer. Compared with spring and autumn, there is more water evaporation and salt loss, blood volume will be reduced, vascular tension will be reduced, and blood pressure will also be reduced.

Generally speaking, if there is no doctor’s advice and the blood pressure is not excessively lowered, the medication should continue to be maintained at the original dose. Because unnecessary discontinuation of the drug will lead to increased blood pressure fluctuations and increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events. If the blood pressure is obviously low in summer, you can go to the hospital to reduce the amount of medicine reasonably under the doctor’s advice.

In fact, blood pressure is valuable for “maintaining stability”. Too high or too low is not a good thing, especially to avoid violent fluctuations! So, what should we pay attention to in our daily life if we want to spend the summer “steadily”?

What should hypertensive patients pay attention to during a leisurely summer?

Diet control

Be cautious of cold foods such as ice cream

People like to eat cold food in the hot summer, especially when they just come home from the outside, they like to drink a bottle of cold drink first, or eat a popsicle to cool down. At this time, some people will report dizziness, headaches and other symptoms, all of which are caused by abnormal blood pressure caused by too low temperature stimulation.

Suddenly eating cold foods will make the small blood vessels of the whole body reflexively contract, causing increased blood pressure, coronary artery spasm, myocardial ischemia, dizziness, headaches and other hypertension symptoms, so there will be “eating ice cream” “It’s a headache”.

Replenish water scientifically

In summer, there is a lot of body fluid loss. The hot weather makes the body’s water discharge about 3300ml/day, and the decrease of body fluid is also a reason for lower blood pressure. It is recommended not to wait until you are thirsty to drink water. It is best to drink boiled water or low salt water with less than 1% salt a few times a day to avoid ingesting a large amount of water at a time, which may cause excessive burden on the heart and kidneys.

It can also be supplemented by eating light and fresh foods, drinks and fruits with high water content, but in moderation. If you are a sugar friend, you should use tea or cold boiled water.

Living Environment

The lowering of blood pressure is mostly caused by hot weather, so you should avoid being in an overheated environment, but you should also use refrigeration equipment rationally.

Some people like to turn on the air conditioner temperature very low, especially when going home from the outside, hoping to cool down as soon as possible. Such a hot and cold, the blood vessels will suddenly change from the original diastolic state to the contracted state, which paves the way for the increase in blood pressure. After staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time, there will be heat waves when I go out, and the blood vessels will expand again, so the blood pressure keeps fluctuating. If the amount of medicine is reduced at this time, it will be difficult to control the condition.

Therefore, the air conditioner should not be too low in summer. Generally, the indoor temperature should be 26°C. You can also pay attention to weather changes at any time. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not be too large, preferably within 8°C.

enough rest

In some areas, the heat is intolerable, people often have difficulty falling asleep, sleeping late, and going to study and work the next day. This will reduce sleep time and reduce sleep quality, resulting in increased night blood pressure and greater fluctuations in blood pressure. Cardiovascular damage.

Therefore, in order to ensure adequate sleep, you can take a proper rest for 1 hour at noon to supplement the lack of sleep, which is beneficial to stabilize blood pressure.

Check blood pressure frequently

Patients with high blood pressure must pay more attention to their lives. They should prepare an electronic sphygmomanometer that is easy to operate and pay attention to their blood pressure at home regularly every day. In this way, you can have a better understanding of your own physical condition, and you can know it in time when something happens, which is convenient for self-regulation or to go to the hospital in time.

Some people will say that if you measure your blood pressure at home, will it be inaccurate? Don’t worry, as long as you operate the sphygmomanometer in accordance with the instructions and pay attention to the following points, you can measure accurately at home:

★You should avoid measuring blood pressure immediately after eating, exercising, going to the toilet and bathing, and you need to sit or lie still for 30 minutes before taking the blood pressure.

★Early morning blood pressure is the key to controlling blood pressure throughout the day, so pay special attention to monitoring the blood pressure one hour after getting up in the morning and before taking the medicine. If you experience dizziness, headache or self-test blood pressure higher than 140/90mmhg under regular medication, you need to consult a doctor to adjust the medication.

★ Elderly hypertensive patients need to increase the frequency of monitoring when the systolic blood pressure is lower than 130mmHg, and if there are symptoms of hypotension, seek medical advice and adjust the dosage in time.

In short, regardless of the reason, it is very dangerous for patients with hypertension to reduce the drug dose in the hot summer or stop the drug by themselves, which may cause huge fluctuations in blood pressure and cause serious cardiovascular accidents. Therefore, you must listen to the doctor’s words and don’t make your own claim. I hope everyone can relax and have a healthy summer~~