When You Feel Tired at Work Take the Following Way to Rest

If you want to be operational at work, efficient and competent, you must know how to relax. So you will be able to evolve spiritually, culturally and socially. To relax and rest is simply to store energy for a good quality of life in all respects. In addition, you will suddenly enjoy working a lot more.

A good look and a big smile, it’s more sales
You want to seduce future partners or acquire new clients, nothing like a radiant complexion and a radiant smile to show that you are in a good mood. If you haven’t rested during the Weekend, it will be rather difficult for you to put that zest for life on your face. Always think that prospects trust first impressions. If they find you dull or lackluster, you won’t really inspire confidence …

Knowing how to disconnect from work also means taking the time to spend time with family and friends and devote time to life
private. It is important to be able to share warm moments that make you feel like you are like everyone else. If you are happy, it will also be felt in the way you work, manage your employees, treat your customers. We must therefore take the time to live quite simply and not think about “work” all the time …

It’s physiological. Your body needs to sleep to cope with your daily life. This is a must if you want your body to function optimally. So you can have short nights during the week because you have too much to do to waste time in bed but remember to get a good night’s sleep on the weekends to show your body that you know how to take care of it … .

During the weekend, it is important to take the time to recharge your batteries to get back in better shape on Monday morning. There are a number of ways you can regain energy to tackle a new week to avoid demoralizing yourself over your sales or the sluggish economy. In short, take the time to live! Live your passions, let off steam, and breathe….

When you feel tired at work, do you take the following way to rest?

1. When the mental state is not good, I always drink coffee, strong tea and other beverages to refresh myself.

2. Work hard at work, go shopping and relax after get off work.

3. I am tired after coming home from get off work every day. I just want to play games and scan Weibo on the sofa.

4. Stay at home on weekends and like to sleep late. It is best to sleep more than ten hours.

Do you think these methods can fully relieve your fatigue?

1. The more coffee I drink, the refreshing effect is decreasing, and I often suffer from insomnia at night.

2. The continuous high-intensity work at work failed to bring about high efficiency, and the indulgence after get off work made the next day’s spirits poor.

3. After returning home from get off work, although I have made up my mind to go to bed early, I went to bed later because of playing on the phone.

4. Although I slept for a long time on weekends, I felt tired the more I slept, and I didn’t get enough sleep.

There is an article on 99U, “A Science-Backed Guide to Taking Truly Restful Breaks” by Christian Jarrett. This is not a common sense of life reposted by the general circle of friends, but a summary of the latest scientific research.

Scientists define the effect of rest as: You work in the office for a day, what rest method you use in the middle, and your mental state and work efficiency remain high before you get off work in the afternoon.

As a mental worker, the main purpose of rest is to restore concentration and willpower.

The four resting methods mentioned above cannot achieve the purpose of resting at all:

1. Drinking coffee can only stimulate nerve excitement for a short time, and cannot really achieve the purpose of restoring concentration and willpower.

2. The human body is not a machine. We need to rest for a few minutes after working half an hour or an hour, rather than rest after being tired.

3. Reading online consumes attention, and various decisions such as whether to click to buy or not consume willpower. The so-called relaxation on the Internet can only increase fatigue.

4. If you are a manual worker, physical exhaustion can be restored through sleep; but for brain workers, sleep does not have much effect on the recovery of concentration and willpower, and because the cerebral cortex is always in a state of excitement, the body is low Oxygen, even if you sleep for 12 hours, you will still be tired.

Share with you 20 scientific rest methods that make you energetic:

1. Disconnect the internet before taking a break.

Stay away from the Internet, turn off the message push of your mobile phone, and feel the joy of “living in the moment”.

2. Complete a Pomodoro (25 minutes) and rest for 5 minutes.

Short and frequent breaks are better than working long hours and then taking long breaks, and this kind of short breaks should start in the morning instead of waiting until the afternoon when you are tired.

3. Chat with colleagues during break time.

You can chat with colleagues for five minutes in the rest pantry, instead of looking down on your mobile phone and chatting with “people on the Internet.”

4. In a daze, daydreaming.

Don’t think about work problems in your mind when you are relaxing, try to empty yourself and do nothing.

5. Leave the office during a break.

Studies have shown that it is better to take a break without eating with colleagues during lunch; you can also leave the work environment after lunch and take a walk nearby.

6. Shift the brain to rest different areas of the brain.

Quietly listening to a piece of your favorite music; drawing a simple illustration or depicting small objects around; playing a brain-burning Sudoku game are all good choices.

7. Take a nap during lunch break.

Even a short break of 10 to 20 minutes can effectively improve work efficiency in the afternoon.

However, the lunch break should not exceed 40 minutes, otherwise you will enter deep sleep, making it difficult to wake up, and you will feel weakness and dizziness after waking up, which will also cause trouble to sleep at night.

8. Stretch and do a few stretching exercises.

Stretching the waist can contract most of the body’s muscles, improve blood circulation, take away the metabolites in the muscles, and eliminate the fatigue of the back and even the whole body.

9. Stand up and move around when sitting for a long time or maintaining the same posture for too long.

Separate your legs and shoulder-width apart, with your hands on your hips, and move your neck in a large scale, clockwise and counterclockwise 10 times each.

Wrap your arms forward 10 times with the shoulder as the axis, and then go back 10 times. From slow to fast, do 3 to 5 sets in a row, paying attention to the wide range of movements.

Standing, kick back and forth on the spot, 10 times on each side.

10. Knead your middle finger when you are sleepy, it has a refreshing effect.

The fingertip of the middle finger is more sensitive to pain. Knead the middle finger alternately with both hands, and then compare the pain of the two hands. If the pain is more obvious, continue kneading until the pain is the same in both hands.

11. Yawning can relieve the symptoms of dry and painful eyes.

Yawning can stimulate the lacrimal glands to secrete tears, moisten the eyes, and relieve the dryness and discomfort caused by using the eyes for too long.

After yawning, close your eyes and use your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger to gently press around your eyeballs for 20 seconds (eye exercises done in student days).

12. Active deep abdominal breathing can effectively relieve fatigue and reduce stress.

Excessive use of the brain for a long time will result in insufficient oxygen supply to the brain and fatigue. Deep breathing can pump more blood to the brain and provide energy.

Sitting or lying on your back, close your eyes, inhale slowly, bulge your abdomen, hold your breath for 10 seconds; then exhale, contract your abdomen, finally relax, and return to the original state; rest for a few seconds and do it again, repeat several times.

13, venting bad emotions is equal to rest.

The tiredness we feel is largely psychological fatigue. We often feel depressed, depressed, poor spirits, and often insomnia. This cannot be improved by normal sleep and rest.

Talking to friends for help, participating in light social activities, or watching a comedy movie can vent bad emotions and relax your body and mind.

14. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C to reduce psychological stress.

When people are under greater psychological pressure, their body will consume about 8 times more vitamin C than usual. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be used to supplement vitamin C, especially fruits such as citrus and tomatoes.

15. Appropriate “aerobic exercise” after fatigue.

After working for a day, the body is in a state of low oxygen fatigue. At this time, “aerobic exercise” can relax the body better than “Ge You Lie”.

Low-intensity exercise can well improve blood circulation, increase the body’s oxygen content, and accelerate the metabolism of lactic acid in the body that causes fatigue. Adrenaline can also release your fatigue and bad mood as soon as possible. It is safe for walking, jogging, yoga, swimming, etc. Mild aerobic exercise is a good choice.

Do not over-exercise when you are tired. The intensity can reach 6-8 minutes, that is, the maximum heart rate is about 120-130 per minute, and the exercise lasts for 20-30 minutes.

16. Sleep regularly, not more sleep.

Falling asleep between 11 pm and 6 am can fully detoxify the body’s various organs and fully recover the body’s machine. If you stay up late to sleep, even if you sleep until 12 noon, it will not relieve fatigue.

17. Embrace nature and discover the beauty around you.

Go outdoors, breathe fresh air, feel the sun, rain, dew, stars and the sea.

Go to the streets that are not frequently visited in the city and enjoy the flowers in various parks and discover the beauty that you have overlooked.

18. Take advantage of the holidays to travel.

Arrange the work at hand, and then rest and relax at ease during the holiday, and go to the most desired place for vacation with family and friends.

During the trip, feel the local customs and natural scenery, let the body and mind absorb nutrients in different environments.

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