Where to Buy “Made in Italy” Watches

Although Made in Italy watches are a great excellence of our craftsmanship, it is undeniable that Switzerland has always represented the world’s leading position in the sector.

Fortunately, Italian producers, without abandoning tradition, confirm their investments in new sales and production channels. The first real revolution is the sale on the Internet through official websites, online auctions and e-commerce, as well as the latest data of 2016 (source Gfk for Assorologi) speak of a growth of over 25% for the market and more than 14 % of the value compared to the previous year. Today it is possible to buy Made in Italy watches online from different portals, such as www.orologio.it, leader in web sales, which offers brands of every price range.

The great confirmation comes, however, also from the traditional sales channels, in fact the jewelers and watchmakers remain in command of the ranking with 53% of the quantity and 56% of the value. Excellent recovery also for mono-brand stores that recorded a positive variation of 8.4% for quantity and 4.1% for value.

A wider and more recent vision of the Italian watch market gives Il Sole 24 Ore a dossier, dated June 2017, which highlights the great affinity of the sector with foreign buyers. According to the latest data from Global Blue, relating to tax-free purchases in Rome in the “Watches & Jewels” segment, in the period March-May 2017 there was a + 11% in Rome and + 8% in Italy, with an average budget respectively 2,978 euros and 2,687 euros, much higher than the average overall receipt (876 for Rome, 778 for the entire country).

Since these are general data on  list of Italian brands to keep an eye on.

Made in Italy watches

Born from the intuition of Francesco Calamai, a former entrepreneur in the mineral water sector, they unite two worlds apparently distant light years, that is, the fine watchmaking and aviation. Some models of these watches Made in Italy are made with cutting-edge techniques, such as the G50, which takes shape through the fusion of a turbine of the Italian Air Force F104, known as “starfighter”. For the fusion of the turbine the lost wax casting technology is used in order to obtain a cleaning of material as for a supersonic plane, while a single master watchmaker works all the details of each single piece up to the hand satin finishing.

Out Of Order Watches
Made in Italy WatchesThe idea of ​​making these Made in Italy watches starts from the Veneto region,  Riccardo Torrisi and the two partners Claudio Dalla Mora and Dario Celotto. These are the most vintage timepieces of the Italian market, with a construction technique that provides “damaged” watches even before being worn. The concept of Damaged in Italy starting from San Dona di Piave has been around the world, soon covering 90% of international markets.

Ab Aeterno

Made in Italy watchesIt is the Italian watch brand that has most distinguished itself in terms of eco-sustainability in recent years. The collections, entirely designed and made in Italy (with the exception of the Swiss movement), originate from the intuition of Marco Tommasoni who during a period spent in Australia, has developed a strong respect for nature and for the values ​​of eco-sustainability, thus deciding to create a watchmaking brand that respects certain quality criteria and an eco-friendly philosophy. One of their iconic models, the Horizon wood watch, weighs just 40 grams and is entirely made of wood (except for the movement).


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Made in Italy watchesFirst or later it must happen, two great excellences together: Made in Italy watches and Neapolitan tailoring. To bring these two worlds together is Fabio Colonna di Stigliano, founder of Colonna Orologi, the Italian brand that offers watches with a strap made from shirt cuffs in a refined fabric, worked and produced according to the Neapolitan sartorial tradition. Matched with a clutch bag for men and suitable for any occasion, these are refined watches with a strong distinctive character. A mix of Italian tradition and craftsmanship, already positioned in many foreign markets as an ambassador of Made in Italy style.

Watches Made in ItalyOk, is one of the most popular brands for fans in the industry, but not everyone knows that it is a watch company Made in Italy. U-Boat, born from the idea of ​​Italo Fontana, is one of the very few Italian brands that keeps pace, in terms of fame and quality, with the world’s watchmaking giants (names such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, etc.) . Unlike the most famous Italian watch, or “His Majesty” Panerai, U-Boat winks at innovation by focusing on modern design and cutting-edge techniques, such as the one involving the use and processing of tungsten . Present in all the classifications of the sector regarding the best Made in Italy watches, it is confirmed as a great excellence that, if you do not know it yet, deserves further study.