Which BB Cream for Perfect Skin in a Single Step

The BB cream has become in a few years a precious ally. These “Blemish Balm” who know, in one minute, illuminate, unify and correct the complexion have indeed everything to seduce. The right guide to find the one we need.

Developed in Germany in 1952, then propelled to the top of cosmetics sales in mainly in South Korea at the end of the 1990s, Blemish Balm were first recommended by dermatologists to treat and sublimate weakened skin following cosmetic procedures such as peels and laser sessions.

Praised for their covering, moisturizing and protective action, these all-purpose creams, halfway between skincare and make-up, very quickly saw their success exceed the limits of dermatologists’ offices. In Europe, they made their arrival on the cosmetics shelves in the early 2010s.

I have sensitive skin, which blushes: I need a soothing BB cream
Redness, allergies … When you have fragile skin, it’s hard to find the right product: one that won’t harm your skin. We choose a cream with soothing active ingredients (bisabolol, allantoin …), which pampers the most sensitive skin while gently camouflaging small flaws.

I want to smooth my fine lines: I need a covering and anti-aging BB cream
BB creams are designed to hide skin blemishes, but some are too light to hide fine lines. For optimal results, use a slightly more covering BB Cream which contains anti-aging active ingredients and a protection factor of the SPF 20 type to limit skin aging.

I have dark or dark skin: I need a golden BB cream
Dark or dark skins also have their BB creams. Originally intended for the fair skin of Korean women, few BB creams exist, in their original version, in dark shades. An oversight quickly repaired since there are now creams with “intelligent pigments” that adapt to all skin colors. Many brands have also launched their BB Creams for dark or tanned skin. These generally contain predominantly golden pigments.

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