Whistle Blower in Turkey Fuat Avni Has Been Arested

fuatFuat Avni, famous whistle blower in Turkey has been detained.. Fuat Avni is an anonymous twitter phenomenon, mostly known for tweets and leaks concerning the Justice and Development Party. Data Collection Center ‘s Intelligence Chief among those detained Akif Mustafa Koçyiğit Detained as Fuat Avni

The account tweeted its first tweet on 18 April 2014, and as of July 2016 it has more than 3 million followers.Fuat Avni, famous whistle blower in Turkey who kept all on edge telling every move of goverment.It claims undisclosed government talks, 2013 corruption scandal, irregularities during elections, secret operations with the government and  Gülen Cemaat.

He generally refers to Recep Tayyip “Yezid” (Yazid I, the second Umayyad Caliph, known as a tyrant by some scholars), “Faşist” (fascist) or Narsist (narcissist). He uses his iconic “Korkma, titre” phrase (“Don’t be afraid, shiver”) occasionally.

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