Why didn’t De Rosa in the NBA go to the Lakers

Before the Lakers traded for Russell Westbrook, they had the opportunity to trade for former Spurs slasher DeMar DeRozan. DeMar DeRozan also thought he was going to the Lakers, but was sent to the Bulls. Hall of Famer Magic Johnson analyzed on ESPN’s program that the Lakers’ record this season is so bad, mainly because they didn’t buy Di Rosa, and the responsibility lies with LeBron James.

Di Rosa was transferred from the Spurs to the Bulls on a “sign-and-sell” deal last August for a three-year, $82 million deal. Di Rosa said in November last year that he was very willing to go to the Lakers because he was originally a Californian, but the final conditions were not negotiated between the two parties. According to a reporter from the US media “Yahoo Sports”, James wants Di Rosa, but the Lakers executives are unwilling to sign for three years. The collective bargaining agreement stipulates that “sign-and-sell” players must sign a three- or four-year contract.

However, according to Magic Johnson, the one who gave up Di Rosa was James. “I think it’s James’ fault that Di Rosa went to the Bulls in the end. When I got a call from Di Rosa’s agent, I called the Lakers and said that Di Rosa wanted to go home to play. It could have been done, but Wyatt Sbrook, James, the Lakers started negotiating and then turned down the Di Rosa deal.”

Magic Johnson analyzed that in exchange for Westbrook, the Lakers sent too many players, causing the defensive ability to plummet. On the other hand, in the DeRosa trade, they probably just have to send out Kyle Kuzma. Magic Johnson said: “If De Rosa is signed, we can play the Western Conference championship game this year.”