Why is the foot swollen

Many diseases do cause edema, but most people are “physiological edema”, and most of them are women aged 20 to 40, which are related to their natural constitution. When standing or sitting still, taking a plane, or eating too much heavy food, it is easy to swell the ankle, and in severe cases, even the calf will swell.

If you gently press the edema area with your fingers, because the cells accumulate a lot of water, they will sag downward and will not bounce back immediately. The more serious the situation, the longer the sag will recover.

Most of this edema occurs temporarily, usually in the afternoon or evening, and will get better when you get up the next morning, resulting in a weight difference of more than 1 kg between morning and night. Some women only occur during the physiological period, and even the breasts will swell, but the swelling will disappear after the physiological period.

When you find edema, you can  the doctor will judge the cause of the edema based on the patient’s medical history and daily life. Sometimes, for safety, some basic heart, liver, and kidney will be done Functional check to ensure that it is related to the disease.

Massage cream, leg lift and hot water soaking are less effective than sports
If you do not move for a long time, the circulatory ability of the lower limbs becomes worse, and edema is most likely to occur. To improve this situation, the most useful method is exercise.The body’s water is brought to the whole body through blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. When you do not exercise for a long time, the circulation speed of the veins of the lower extremities will slow down. After the water flows to the feet and cannot return smoothly, it will slowly accumulate under the feet . The lymphatic vessel is like a pump, which can suck the water that enters the cell back into the blood vessel, and its operation depends on the contraction of the muscle.

Some people get edema as soon as they fly, just because they lack change of posture and move less, and the water keeps accumulating. However, poor blood circulation, thrombosis in the leg veins, and a dry environment, there may be “economy class syndrome”, blood stagnation in the veins, causing a risk of lung obstruction and cerebral embolism.
Therefore, desperately using massage cream and the external force of the hand to press the leg muscles has limited effects. It is better to directly move the leg muscles, such as walking, jogging, swimming, cycling or aerobic dance. The effect directly saves money and time.

Many people think that hot water in the feet can increase blood circulation, but it may actually make the edema more serious.

As for raising the leg, it is useful to keep the foot above the heart, so when sitting in the office, it is not good to straighten the foot. Zou Mengting said that if you can’t move or change your posture, you must often turn the bottom of the foot to exercise the lower leg muscle.

Don’t wait until you go to bed before raising your legs. It’s best to spend some time in the afternoon to reduce the accumulation of water. Because the longer the edema, the more water accumulates, the longer it takes to recover,

The principle of wearing elastic socks is to wear them before the water has accumulated, so it is best to lie down before getting out of bed and when you want to take off. If you find that the indentation is very deep after taking off the socks, it may be that the purchase is too tight, but it will affect blood circulation.

Should limit salt instead of drinking less water
Many people think that when edema, drink less water, so as not to accumulate more water, this statement is wrong. Everyone has different causes of edema. Never equate “edema” with “water restriction”.

The edema of normal people is the local retention of water in the body and has nothing to do with kidney function. If water is restricted, the body will start the mechanism of water retention, and the accumulated water is more difficult to discharge.

When edema, the most important thing is to limit salt. Many people will have puffy feet or eyelids after eating heavy foods. This is because these foods have high sodium ions and sodium has the effect of retaining water and accumulating in the body. Too much is easy to edema.

If edema is caused by eating too salty, it is best to lighten the next few meals and drink water normally to maintain the body’s normal metabolism.

Some people find foot edema, they will go to the pharmacy to buy diuretic “drainage”, which is really effective in a short time, but after stopping the medicine may relapse, and even become more prone to edema.

If you want to eliminate edema, you may wish to eat more food that is good for drainage. Such as watermelon, winter melon, or boiled mung bean, red bean, barley, poria, Sishen soup to drink, people who are afraid of fat do not add sugar, and only drink the boiled soup to reduce the intake of starch, the same effect.

You can also eat bananas, vegetables and other foods with high potassium content, because potassium ions have a drainage function. As for coffee or tea, although it has a diuretic effect, Zou Mengting believes that it has little effect on eliminating local edema.

In addition, you can also try acupoint massage, pressing people, Sanyinjiao, Zhigou, Hegu, Guanyuan, water and other acupuncture points, also help to remove the water accumulated in the body.

The edema persists. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible
If you have no experience with edema in the past and suddenly find that you will edema after sitting for a long time, it may be that the warning light is on. For example, older people’s circulatory system becomes slower, or endocrine disorders due to abnormal work and rest may also become prone to edema.

The weather becomes hot, the psychological pressure is heavy, the work schedule is abnormal, or dieting will also stimulate sympathetic nerve excitement, so that the salt and water remain in the body and cannot be easily eliminated, causing edema.

If you eat quickly after a quick diet, edema will be more serious.

In addition, some drugs may also cause foot edema, such as calcium ion blockers in high blood pressure drugs, long-term painkillers, steroids, birth control pills, and licorice in Chinese herbal medicines.

Whether edema is caused by disease, the most important thing is to look at the occurrence of edema.

Most of the physical edema is symptomatic on both feet; but if there is only unilateral edema, the swelling does not improve for a few days, or is accompanied by other symptoms, it may be “pathological edema” caused by the disease, and you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

Diseases that cause edema are not limited to kidney disease, including heart failure, liver cirrhosis, low protein intake, or abnormal thyroid function.

Some people will cause foot edema due to varicose veins in the legs, and the veins of the blood vessels will be very obvious, especially in the elderly.

If you are prone to wheezing, anemia, dizziness, urinary bubbles, increased blood pressure, weight loss, etc., you must be careful that these diseases are the cause.

What should I do if the edema comes during the menstrual period?
Many women only have general or local foot edema during physiological periods or a few days ago. This is because hormones have the effect of retaining water. Lin Jingyi, a gynecologist and obstetrician at the Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen Medical University, said that as long as the physiology period has passed, it will disappear and there is no need to worry.

Lin Jingyi suggested that supplementing vitamin B group before the menstrual period will help to improve the situation, but also exercise more and pay attention to light diet.

In addition, some birth control pills have the effect of improving edema, if the body is uncomfortably swollen, you can consider using it. However, birth control pills also contain hormonal ingredients, and some people edema because of taking birth control pills. Lin Jingyi said that everyone responds differently to contraceptives, and there is currently no contraceptive for everyone. After taking birth control pills, if the effect is not good, you should discuss with the doctor to change the dressing to slowly find out the most effective type for yourself.

Acupoints that help eliminate edema
Among people: the upper third of the nasolabial fold

Sanyinjiao: Four fingers wide above the medial ankle

Branch Groove: 3 inches above the transverse stripes of the wrist, between the ulna and radius

Guan Yuan: Three inches below the navel

Hegu: The tiger’s mouth where the index finger intersects with the thumb

Moisture: about one finger wide directly above the navel

Is my foot edema, is it sick?
*heart disease

Possible symptoms: walking, climbing stairs, breathing easily, difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat

Edema: the duration of edema will not disappear, sometimes it starts to swell from the face

*kidney disease

Symptoms that may accompany: urinary bubbles, increased blood pressure, anemia, a sense of burnout, decreased urine output

Edema: the duration of edema will not disappear, and the face or hands will also swell

*Hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism

Possible symptoms: large food intake, but weight loss, fear of heat, shaking hands, or slow metabolism, reaction, heartbeat, constipation

Edema: When the edema area is pressed down, it will not sink, but it will be hard and bulging

*Liver cirrhosis

Possible symptoms: ascites and jaundice

Edema: the duration of edema will not disappear