Why Turkey’s FM Davutoğlu Wore a Black Shirt and a Green Tie?


BYzDf0uCcAAF7kCThe tricky question of water usage on the Euphrates and Tigris dominates discussion between FM Davutoğlu and Iraqi Shiite spiritual leader Ali al-Sistani, with the latter regarding Ankara’s position with suspicion.

In a highly symbolic move to demonstrate his mourning for the killing of Imam Hussein, which is commemorated by Shiites during Muharrem, Davutoğlu wore a black shirt and a green tie. Davutoğlu visited another prominent Shiite cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, in Najaf before proceeding to another Shiite holy town, Karbala.

Turkey and Iraq should apply for U.N. arbitration to resolve a long-standing water problem, according to Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, a spiritual leader for Shiites in Iraq and the wider region, as well as a major political force.

Al-Sistani made the suggestion yesterday at a meeting with Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu as part of the Turkish minister’s two-day trip to Iraq.

“Al-Sistani complained about Turkey’s cutting of the flow of water into Iraq and Turkey’s construction of dams on these rivers, Davutoğlu explained Turkey’s position with regard to water allowance to neighboring countries, but al-Sistani was unconvinced, according to the source.