Why We Feel Depressed and Desperate

Painkillers and prozac, are introduced and become the standard for the treatment of depression, people rely on phrases or mantras to help calm their systems and relieve anxiety. Among those who believe in various belief traditions, repeating phrases until you feel better has been done for centuries. These phrases are like hymns, pleading for spiritual and psychological healing, but you can still use these phrases to repeat in your breath, as a remedy, when you feel depressed.

If you are frustrated, here are 12 sentences to repeat to yourself.

I am strong.

This is a misconception that only the weak and poor will develop depression. It is also a myth that those seeking help are actually the weakest because they depend on others. Instead, many depressed people seek help and show self-awareness, which is a sign of strength. This shows that they want to change their situation.

2. I will be fine.

Depression sparked despair. Although you are emotionally stormy, these words preach positive thoughts over and over. The reality is that in the end you will get better, because the dark clouds surround you  will never be there forever.

3. I’m still breathing.

Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich believes that there is a similar phrase “you are here” in his book. As you sing this sentence, the practice of focusing on breathing helps to integrate the mind and body, thus bringing a sense of calm.

4. Let it go.

From Elsa’s famous saying, there is a lot of wisdom in animated Disney characters from “Frozen”. If you find yourself in a state of frantic anxiety, and you worry about things that haven’t happened, or things that won’t happen, or possible conflicts, then simply say these three sentences.

5. Don’t be afraid.

This sentence, and its variations, “don’t be afraid”, are repeated more than 100 times in the Bible. Many people, including non-religious people, find comfort in them. When meditating on the words of a higher person, there seems to be a healing power, and repeating this sentence can calm anxiety. When fear persists, saying the phrase lets you control it.

6. No danger.

Depression triggers your thoughts and feelings, making you feel like your life is threatened. Repeatedly speaking these words should calm your thoughts, open your eyes, and face the realities that are dangerous in your heart. This sentence goes hand in hand with “not afraid”.

7. My heart is calm.

Inner peace, invite inner peace to your mind and body to relieve depression and its physical symptoms. You will start to feel relaxed in your tight chest, repeat yourself, and you have inner peace.

8. My thoughts, words, and actions contribute to my happiness and freedom.

This sentence encourages enthusiasm, compassion and in life. It pleads with one’s servants to live in harmony with others, including nature and the environment. Its roots are in the creed of Jivamekti Yoga, which shows the way to enlightenment.

9. Someday, this pain will make sense.

People who have not experienced sadness and pain are not interesting because they do not have depth and growth. Although life is now full of misfortune, it has caused your wave of depression, but please believe that one day you will see your painful purpose. By repeating this phrase over and over, you will discover your strength, resilience, and maturity.

10. I need to feel kind about my pain.

Christine Neff has a similar spell in her book “Self-Pity” to deal with negative emotions. She said it is important to acknowledge your pain and suffering, so you can treat yourself with compassion in difficult times. It follows the advice of the famous teacher “When things fall apart”, she instructs followers to face their problems instead of escaping them. Depression should help you see what is vital to your life, and it should trigger your drive to overcome it. After all, life is about survival.

11. One step at a time.

Depression can surge because you feel out of control and cause stress. This sentence helps remind yourself, slowly, but surely to defeat this feeling of frustration. When life weighs on you, your best bet is to take a moment to help lighten your burden. One day, nothing will take you back.

12. Trust process.

Obstacles are part of life, but depression sometimes makes you ask questions like: “Why am I?” Or, “Why am I always like this?” Or “Why is my life so challenging?” It’s hardest for you It’s hard to see the right path, but with this phrase, you can make your mind see obstacles as part of a learning opportunity. They are not there to make you a victim. You have to believe in the process.

Final thoughts

Depression can be fatal, but it is an emotion that you can help control with positive thoughts. The choice is yours-you either let the pain take you back, or let the feeling inspire you. Hope one of these phrases will help you find peace.

I believe that each of us has a power that can help us have a healthy body, a beautiful friendship, a wonderful career, and bring us all kinds of success. If we choose to indulge in the past and only remember the terrible past, then we will only indulge in it. If we think rationally and are determined to build a new life for ourselves, we will be helped by this power, and all kinds of beautiful things will appear.

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Painkillers and prozac, are introduced and become the standard for the treatment of depression, people rely on phrases or mantras to help calm their systems and relieve anxiety.

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