Wild Golf GTI with Tail Motor Should Become a Reality

A designer by the name of Khyzyl Saleem created the car in his computer and now tells the internet that this exaggerated.  Construction will become a reality together with the German car companies JP Performance and Prior Design.

A second generation Golf GTI, that is, the model that existed in the 1980s and a couple of years into the next decade. Golf GTI had a 1.8-liter engine throughout, but the power output varies with the years. Initially (1984), 112 horsepower applied, but with the catalyst’s entry a couple, three years later, the effect dropped to 107 horsepower. There was also a 16-horsepower with 139 horsepower, which became 129 with the catalytic exhaust gas purification. During the 1990s, the Golf GTI also existed with the G60 engine, an 8-fan with 160 horsepower perhaps best known in the form of the Corrado G60 (there was also a G60 16-fan with 210 hp, but then the car had neither the GTI designation in the name or on the emblem).

In this wild construction, we can suspect that the engine has been replaced with something else, or at least far from the original. Khyzyl Saleem says that the car should have a tail motor. So it should be placed between the huge wide wheels we see in the pictures. In order to succeed with the piece of art, the rear wheels have been moved out and covered with heavy screen widths. The “stance” is hyper low and the wheels, rear and front, barely fit in the wheel housings. Swedish roads with teal shots are just to be forgotten.

The building is crowned with a huge roof wing and two – in this context quite modest – end pipes that have been placed centrally. The question is how much is left when the real car is completed – if it should be drivable…