William and Harry’s Memories to Pay Homage to Mother Diana

For several years now, on 31 August, the brothers meet again for a lunch or dinner at Kensington Palace in memory of Lady D: “They talk about little things that still make them smile. And of charity, to continue the work of the mother »
It was August 31, 1997 when, in a Paris tunnel, Princess Diana lost her life in a terrible car accident. A tragedy that has upset the lives of so many, especially of his young sons, William and Harry: they have suffered, processed pain and today – indeed, for some years now now – on the occasion of the sad day they meet to honor the memory of the mother.

“They spend a few hours together, having lunch or dinner at Kensington Palace,” a source told Us Weekly. “They talk about little things about Lady D and they still manage to smile at him. For example the snow holidays, the Thorpe Park trips, or the efforts he made for their birthdays ». The sign that Diana left in the lives of her two children, even on a professional level.

“Helping others and being a model for the less fortunate is at the top of their list of priorities,” adds the insider, bringing up the example left by Lady D. “The charity work she did was incredible, so the children discuss how to collect the inheritance and continue on that path “. Along with wives and children, who live the sad day alongside William and Harry.

It is no mystery that both Kate and Meghan hold great respect for the late princess. “Do a random act of goodness, without expecting any reward, with the certainty that one day someone could do the same for you,” is the phrase of Lady D reported on Instagram by Sussex. That apparently they intend to visit the tomb of Diana on August 31st, bringing little Archie with him.

“Harry wants Meghan to see that place,” the Daily Mail wrote, referring to Althorp Estate, the Spencer family estate in Northamptonshire, where the princess is buried. That from up there, looking at the family picture, will surely