Yoga And Meditation on the Banks of the Munzur River

A group of volunteer psychologists and yoga instructors meditated with the local people on the banks of the Munzur River. In Dersim -Eastern Anatolia.

Psychologist Tülin Şahin and volunteer yoga instructors practiced yoga and meditation with the local people for the first time on the Munzur River bank in Dersim.

Few people attended the event due to the measures taken for the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19). Social distance was also taken into consideration in the meditation activity that was carried out with natural life.

Stating that meditation in nature has a different energy, psychologist Tülin Şahin said, “Today, we held a positive meditation session in nature with yoga. It would not be possible to live in such a place like a paradise without benefiting from the benefits of this nature. We had a very nice session with this group in this environment. We performed positive meditation in a completely natural environment with the voices of birds. People are of course a little hesitant when they meditate for the first time, they do not know how to do it in an unfamiliar environment. “They are able to turn those negative thoughts into positive thoughts before they happen, and they finally feel relief. They think of continuing to repeat it as a positive thought and positively in a totally positive environment to feel relief.

“Dersim needs more”

Stating that the spread of positive thinking will make people’s lives easier, Şahin said, “This is not only in Dersim, but all over the world, people need positive thinking. In Dersim, this is more needed in our society. It happens, we get used to it and we shape our lives accordingly. Therefore, there is more need here. People actually start to think positively, the moment they start doing something for their own lives, they start to take it more seriously. “They are really starting to live the life they want to live.”

Oeople who participate in positive thinking and meditation activities accompanied by yoga in nature say that they feel very good and want to continue practicing yoga.