” You Tell me the Problem, We Drink Vodka, there is no Problem”

Production Editor: Hülya Karahan


Vladimir Putin: We celebrated my birthday in Indonesia, and I was in a better position – we did it after the working day, and here we have to start. We confine ourselves to champagne!
Xi Jinping: At that time, I think I drank vodka the most. Never drank so much vodka!

Aphorisms about Vodka:

Sergey Lozunko: There would be vodka – and there is a beautiful woman!

Mikhail Boyarsky: The pancreas is the motor of the body, it needs to be periodically kneaded with vodka, like an old truck.

Yeltsin: Is Russian chocolate worse than imported? And beer? I do not speak about vodka.

Chernomyrdin: It’s better than vodka. Chernomyrdin: We need wine for health. And the health we need to drink vodka.

Nikolai Fomenko: Here you will send a fool for a bottle, so he will bring one fool. I.V.

Stalin: Now our policy is to gradually curtail the production of vodka. I think that in the future we will be able to abolish the vodka monopoly at all, reduce the production of alcohol to the minimum necessary for technical purposes, and then eliminate the sale of vodka.

Henrik Yagodzinski: They say that Christ turned water into wine. Modern experiences with vodka give much better results.

Stas Yankovsky: Vodka is the most proven tool that turns dreams into illusions, and illusions into virtual reality.

Stas Yankovsky: The government that will limit the sale of vodka in Russia will not last long! And the government, which will expand it, will long regret it.

Evgeny Schwartz: It is unlikely that vodka will give a person pleasure if you drink it as prescribed by a doctor and buy at a pharmacy with a prescription.

Marlene Dietrich: A large part of my life was spent with the Russians. At first I studied to cook their dishes, and then I tried vodka, one of the healthiest alcoholic beverages.

I did not try to commit suicide, I just drank aspirin with vodka.

Russians are normal guys. Skiing, walking around the city, having parties, drinking vodka. But who doesn’t drink it?

I have never been to pajama parties, so I brought vodka.

That night I understood why my father drank when my mother died. That night vodka was like oxygen. You could breathe again.

Vodka is white, but paints the nose and black reputation.

We went three together. Then it started to rain … We sold the umbrella and bought vodka – after all, the umbrella saves only one from the rain …

It is better to pour out your sadness before the paintings of Delacroix, Rembrandt and Van Gogh, than before a glass of vodka or surrounded by impotent pity and anger.