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Election day in the USA started with a midnight vote in New Hampshire. There the winner was quickly counted.

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Voting started at midnight in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.

The 77-year-old Biden  has already seen many elections: “In the past 48 years, I have not experienced such energy and passion as I did with this election.”

Almost 100 million US citizens across the country cast their votes by postal vote or so-called “early voting” – 70 percent of all voters in 2016. The turnout among young voters is already twice as high like four years ago.,

Due to the restrictions imposed by the Corona virus on voters in the United States of America, a large number for the first time in the United States resorted to the so-called voting by mail to avoid catching the fast-spreading Corona virus infection.

Despite Trump’s harsh criticism of this type of vote, this particular election witnessed a much higher early vote than the 2016 election.

Republican President Donald Trump was given the winner on Tuesday night in Florida, crucial for his re-election, and ahead of his rival Joe Biden in several other states decisive for the US presidential election, the Democratic candidate however expressing his confidence in the ‘outcome of the ballot.

Hopes of Joe Biden, 77, of quickly gaining the upper hand over Donald Trump, 74, faded as mainstream US media projected a victory for the outgoing president in Florida and his lead in several key states like Georgia , Ohio and Texas.

Joe Biden, in search of States to take back from his Republican opponent, is counting on the so-called “blue wall” made up of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, which in 2016 helped hoist Donald Trump into the White House. However, the vote count could take many hours, or even days, in these states.

Donald Trump was given the lead in these three states but much of the advance was attributed to the massive vote of Republicans in polling stations for “Election Day”, when the counting of ballots sent by mail could take up to to several days. In Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the counting of postal votes can only begin on election day.

Speaking to supporters in Delaware, where he resides, Joe Biden expressed his optimism. “We believe we are on our way to victory,” said the former vice president in front of a caravan of cars whose drivers honked their horns to show their approval.

Winning the Wisconsin-Pennsylvania-Michigan triptych should be enough for Joe Biden to secure the majority of 270 Electoral College voters needed to be named president. At 06:05 GMT, according to projections by the Edison Research institute, the Democratic candidate was credited with 205 voters against 171 for Donald Trump.

The Fox News channel also projected a victory for the Democratic candidate in Arizona, another state that was favorable to Donald Trump in 2016, leaving him other options to cross the milestone of 270 voters. Even without Pennsylvania, Joe Biden could thus be elected by winning Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin, on condition of keeping the states where Donald Trump lost four years ago.

“We are clearly ahead, but they are trying to STEAL the election. We will not let it happen. The votes cannot be transmitted after the offices are closed!”, For his part reacted Donald Trump on Twitter. The social network very quickly affixed a mention indicating the potentially misleading nature of the message of the Republican president.

Donald Trump has already multiplied unfounded accusations during the campaign that the increased use of mail voting will lead to massive fraud. Experts say voter fraud is rare in the United States, where postal voting has a long tradition.

Supporters for both candidates described the poll as a referendum on Donald Trump and his tumultuous first term. No incumbent president has bowed in the race for re-election since Republican George H.W. Bush in 1992.

The winner will be at the head of a nation ravaged by the coronavirus epidemic – which has killed more than 231,000 Americans and put millions of people out of work – racial tensions and political divisions, which have intensified over the course of ‘a vitriolic election campaign.

Donald Trump followed the unfolding of election night in the living room of his residence at the White House in the presence of members of his family, including First Lady Melania Trump and her son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner. “He’s calm, relaxed,” said a source familiar with the situation.

A senior advisor to the outgoing president, attending to the comings and goings in the lounge, described the atmosphere in a succinct text: “Good. But nervous”.

Gathered in the east wing of the White House, some 200 supporters of Donald Trump shouted their joy when Fox News reported the outgoing president would win Florida.

The Americans also had to decide which party would be in charge of Congress for the next two years. Democrats are expected to retain a majority in the House of Representatives. Uncertainty remains in the Senate, where Republicans have a majority of 53 votes.



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