Wattsap Messages 70% Drop in Viral

Facebook’s instant messaging platform is reporting a significant drop in worldwide messaging, shortly after again limiting the amount of messages allowed to move due to the Corona crisis

Worldwide drop in viral message volume on Wattsap platform: The instant messaging app confirms that since restricting the number of forwarded messages to just one recipient again earlier this month, the platform has seen a 70 percent drop in message delivery, which has so far gone viral .

We are committed to doing our job in dealing with viral messages, “Wattsap said.” We recently introduced a new restriction on messages that are transmitted multiple times, to just one chat. Since the new restriction was applied, we have seen a 70 percent global reduction in the number of viral messages transmitted in Wattsap. This change helps keep Wattsap a safe space for personal and private conversations. ”

Facebook’s instant messaging service announced another restriction on messages being sent earlier this month, with the aim of preventing Pike News distribution and false information about the Corona virus. Throughout the world the Wattsap platform has been used for the past two months to distribute medical recommendations, home remedies, false notices regarding closure, and also to phishing attempts – all under the auspices of the Corona.

About two years ago, Watsap began marking out chain notifications and even limited its distribution to just five recipients, following a string of severe violence, lynching and murder of Indian residents in response to Pike News’ distribution on the platform. In February, Watsap announced that it has crossed the world’s 2 billion users.


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