A Significant Increase in Passenger Numbers for June

The airport operator Fraport reported a significant increase in passenger numbers for June.

The number of passengers is still a long way from pre-crisis levels. The freight business, on the other hand, continues to boom. In June, the Frankfurt airport operator Fraport recorded significant growth in both the passenger and freight business. However, the rates of increase compared to the same month of the previous year were based on very different starting values. Tripling at a low level Passenger traffic at Frankfurt Airport increased noticeably at the beginning of the main travel season in June after difficult months. With almost 1.8 million passengers, the number of passengers exceeded the million mark for the second time this year after May, as the airport operator announced. That was almost three times as many passengers as a year earlier and also far more than the 1.25 million passengers in May.
Compared to June 2019 before the outbreak of the pandemic, this means a decrease of 73 percent. According to Fraport boss Stefan Schulte, this pre-crisis level will not be reached until 2025 or 2026. For the year as a whole, according to the latest statements, the airport boss expects at best 20 to 25 million passengers in Frankfurt. In 2020, the number fell to less than 19 million passengers. For the summer of this year, the company expects further significant growth. Freight already above pre-crisis level The situation at Fraport in the freight business is completely different. The cargo volume rose in June by 30.6 percent to 190,131 tons and thus reached the second highest value in June. There was also an increase of around nine percent compared to June 2019. According to the company, this underscores Fraport’s role as the leading freight hub in Europe. Passenger numbers are also growing significantly again at Fraport’s international subsidiaries. In Ljubljana, Slovenia, 27,953 passengers used the airport in June, a total of 608,088 passengers at the Brazilian airport and 806,617 passengers in Lima in Peru. The airports in Turkey and Greece also recently posted significant increases in passenger business.