A Survey Reveals that 40% of Companies do not have a Chief Data Officer

Technology: A large survey, conducted by S&P Global Market Intelligence, Immuta and 451 Research, reveals that data management practices are changing rapidly.

S&P Global Market Intelligence and Immuta have just released a new study that highlights how difficult it is for organizations to manage and use their data.

55% of respondents to the survey conducted by 451 Research indicate that data obtained for analysis is often out of date or out of date by the time it reaches them. 451 Research interviewed 525 chief data officers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and France. All of the survey participants work for organizations with more than a thousand employees.

The results of the study reflect the broader debate taking place within companies on how to combine effective use of data with issues of privacy and security. Among respondents, 84% believe that data protection and security requirements are likely to limit access to data in their organization over the next 24 months.