Amazon Boss Bezos is in Favor of Higher Corporate Taxes

Amazon is under pressure in the US. Now CEO Jeff Bezos has spoken out in favor of higher taxes. However, he calls for a “balanced solution” for companies.

Washington The world’s largest online retailer Amazon has long been criticized for tax avoidance, and now CEO Jeff Bezos is speaking out in favor of higher taxes. “We support an increase in the corporate tax rate,” said Bezos on Tuesday (local time) in a statement published on Amazon’s company blog. The multibillionaire encouraged Congress and government to find a “right, balanced solution that maintains or increases the competitiveness of the US.”

Bezos’ statements are made against the background of a billion dollar infrastructure investment program that US President Joe Biden is planning, and which is to be financed in part by stronger corporate taxation.

The debate about higher taxes to the tax authorities was fueled on Monday by US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who called for a global minimum tax rate for companies. The proposal should also be a topic at the video conference of the G20 finance ministers on Wednesday.

Against Amazon’s market power, a national coalition of thousands of small and medium-sized companies has formed in the USA these days, which are pushing for stricter antitrust regulations against Amazon. They are calling for legislation that prevents Amazon from selling its own products in competition with other sellers and that strictly separates Amazon’s retail business from its online marketplace, reports the Wall Street Journal. How the designated new boss Andy Jassy (53) thinks that Amazon may have to pay higher taxes in the future is not known. The previous head of the cloud division AWS is to take over the chairmanship in the third quarter of this year.