Amazon’s Alabama Warehouse Union Formed Officials Recommend Re-Voting

The United States, an independent government agency that oversees the vote, over the fact that the union formation was rejected by a large number of opposition in an employee vote held in April at’s distribution warehouse in Alabama. Labor Relations Board officials recommended a re-vote.

Local bureau officials from the committee will decide within a few weeks whether to order a re-vote based on recommendations. A committee official revealed on the 2nd on condition of anonymity.

As for the voting results in April, the number of votes against the formation of the union reached more than twice the number of votes in favor of the union.

The retail, wholesale and department store union (RWDSU), a union that seeks to form a union for Amazon employees, threatened to penalize employees trying to join the union, as well as a ballot box in the warehouse’s surveillance camera. He claimed that the establishment of the was detrimental to the fairness of the ballot.

Labor Relations Board officials have recommended re-voting because of issues surrounding the ballot box, according to people familiar with the matter.