Apple Asks Japan to Relax Discount Restrictions

The Japanese branch of Apple made a request to the Japanese authorities on the 17th, hoping to relax restrictions on discounts related to mobile phones. The company pointed out that Japan’s 5G communication penetration rate is lower than that of neighboring countries such as South Korea. In order to boost users’ willingness to switch to 5G mobile communication, it is necessary to expand the discount rate of mobile phones.

According to a report by Japan’s Kyodo News, when Apple Japan, the Japanese branch of Apple in the United States, participated in a meeting of scholars and experts sponsored by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan on the 17th, it made a request to the authorities, hoping that the Japanese government would support 5G mobile communications. System smartphones are excluded from the list of discount restrictions.

Apple Japan’s reasoning is that the penetration rate of 5G communications in Japan is much lower than that of South Korea and other countries. The company believes that expanding the discount rate for 5G smartphones is a necessary means to popularize 5G communications in Japan.

Relevant Japanese laws stipulate that in order to avoid the high communication costs caused by excessive discounts on mobile phones, the amount of discounts for binding mobile phone lease plans and purchase discounts shall not exceed 20,000 yen.