Barca to Save € 172m

Stuck in a very complicated financial situation, FC Barcelona had made lowering wages an absolute priority. And after endless new negotiations, Cadena COPE announces that the Blaugrana leaders have finally come to an agreement with the players.

Barca will thus save 122 M € this year on salaries. However, this amount will not be lost to the players as it will be returned to them over the next four years. Finally, € 50 million in bonuses were also saved. They will be redistributed over the next three years.

Barcelona reached an agreement with players who make up the negotiating table and coaching staff to temporarily cut salaries and postpone bonuses due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the club reported.

The Spanish League team said it expects savings of around 172 million euros (about 205.61 million dollars), with 122 million euros of fixed salary reductions this season and another 50 million euros through the delay of bonds for three years.

“This principle of agreement is pending ratification in the coming days by the group of players and technicians affected,” the club said in a statement.

“The agreement, if it is ratified, will be a milestone of great importance to redirect the current economic situation,” he added.

Last month, the Barca posted a record loss of 97 million euros after tax for the 2019/20 financial year and a 14% drop in revenue. The club said it was bracing for a bigger drop this season.

FC Barcelona imposed a temporary 70% pay cut earlier this year that lasted through the state of national alarm, which began in March and ended in June.


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