Benz Unveils’Vision AVTR’ Made with the Avatar Production Team

Mercedes-Benz Korea exhibited the concept car’Vision AVTR’ for the first time in Asia at the Hanam Starfield brand store.

Vision AVTR, which was unveiled for the first time in the world at CES 2020, was produced in collaboration with the production team of’Avatar’ directed by James Cameron, one of the most popular films ever. Vision AVTR presents new interactions inspired by various messages such as sustainable mobility in movies, environmental conservation through resource conservation, and harmony with humans, machines, and nature.


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Vision AVTR applied a completely new design language in the fields of interior/exterior and user experience (UX) to connect humans and machines. The unique structure that reveals the inside of the vehicle with the open side of the exterior is a design inspired by the harmonization of various creatures in the movie avatar.

The body of a’one bow’ is designed in a form combined with an old wheelhouse. At the rear, 33 heat collecting plates that can move in multiple directions work like a’bionic flap’ and can also be used as solar panel panels.

The vehicle seat is made of’Dynamica’, a non-animal material that guarantees environmental sustainability in all production processes, the first and only microfiber material, and’Karun’, a wood material harvested by hand in Indonesia, is used for the bottom of the vehicle. It is natural and gives a warm feeling.

The seat allows you to experience the surroundings of the vehicle through haptic feedback, and provides various driving options according to the driver’s emotional state or energy. The interface is tailored to the user without the need for the user to fit into the interface, and the interface is projected onto the palm of the hand to interact with just a simple hand lift.

In addition, it is equipped with a recycled battery using organic cell chemistry technology based on’graphene’ that does not use rare earths such as nickel or cobalt or rare metals at all, enhancing sustainability. The concept car is equipped with a 110kWh battery, and the WLTP standard mileage reaches 700km and can be fully charged in 15 minutes.

The concept car is equipped with four high-performance electric motors, and the combined output reaches 350kW, and the power of each electric motor can be individually controlled, satisfying efficiency and performance at the same time. Each wheel can be driven separately according to the driving situation, so it is possible to move horizontally by 30º.

Vision AVTR will be exhibited at the Starfield Hanam brand store until the 14th.

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