Bitcoin Breaks New Record And Almost Quadruples Appreciation in 2020

The year is ending and bitcoin continues to break records. On Wednesday (30), the value of the cryptocurrency jumped to $ 28,599.99, after almost quadrupling in 2020 amid increased interest from larger investors.

With the new record, the digital currency has already appreciated 295% this year. It has increased by almost half since the $ 20,000 break the first time on December 16. The last time that bitcoin had reached this level was on December 17, 2017, when it reached $ 20,089.

Large US investors, in particular, are attracted by the cryptocurrency’s potential for rapid gains, as well as expectations that it would become a conventional payment method.

2020, the year of bitcoin
There is no denying that 2020 was the year of bitcoin. This is because it was the period in which large companies began to invest millions and believe in cryptocurrency, as is the case of MassMutual, an American insurance company, which invested US $ 100 million.

In another segment, payments company PayPal has started allowing its users to trade bitcoin through its platform.

In Brazil, some companies have already bet on the success of bitcoin at the beginning of the year, more precisely in January. After a partnership signed with the startup Bitfy, the Cielo, Bradesco and Banco do Brasil card issuer started to accept payments with digital currency in 1.5 million machines spread across the country.

When adapting to the service, it is enough for the merchant to generate a QR Code for the sale, selecting the cash credit option. For the customer to make the payment using cryptocurrency, he must use the Bitfy application, selecting the option of paying amounts with “Cielo Machines”, so the device’s camera is accessed so that the code is scanned. For the transaction to be authorized, the customer must pre-register a password.

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