Bookstores Thalia And Osiander form Alliance in Corona Crisis

The dealers want to survive the Corona crisis with a joint sales organization. The company should be open to other competitors.

the German book retail chains are bundling their forces even more strongly: The family businesses Thalia Mayersche and Osiander want to found a joint sales company. The aim is to use this strategic cooperation to strengthen competitiveness compared to multinational corporations such as Amazon.

Despite this close cooperation, the Osiander company should remain independent, as the owners and managing directors Christian and Heinrich Riethmüller emphasized. Osiandersche Buchhandlung GmbH, with around 70 bookshops, remains the property of the family. “We can strengthen ourselves so that both companies can survive longer crises unscathed,” explained Christian Riethmüller.

In the new Osiander sales company, however, the partner Thalia Mayersche is to hold the majority of the shares. This is where the companies bundle their collaboration in the areas of IT, web shop and procurement. “We can create synergies with the joint platform and use them in competition against the international players,” said Michael Busch, CEO of Thalia Mayersche.

The completion of the cooperation is still subject to the approval of the responsible antitrust authorities. The company should also be open to other booksellers in the future.

Under the leadership of Christian Riethmüller, Osiander had significantly increased the rate of expansion in recent years and took over numerous smaller bookshops. The 46-year-old has no classic bookseller training at all. He studied business administration, gained experience in the financial sector in London and worked at Aldi until 2002 before joining his family’s company, whose fate he now determines together with his uncle Heinrich Riethmüller.

The soccer fan, who recently ran unsuccessfully for president of the Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart, stands for significant growth. For him, Amazon is even a role model in a certain way. He has repeatedly emphasized that one can certainly learn from the US giant’s customer orientation. Osiander is quite successful with this strategy, at least in the distribution area of southern Germany.

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