Brits can Buy Bitcoin Via PayPal

For the first time, the US group PayPal enables the purchase, sale and possession of cryptocurrencies via its payment service in Europe. The new service launches in the UK – giving Bitcoin a boost. Starting this week, PayPal plans to enable its customers in the UK to buy, sell and hold digital currencies. You can choose from the four coins Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, as the US payment service announced on Monday. The new service offers users the opportunity to carry out transactions with cryptocurrencies on the PayPal platform they are familiar with. British PayPal customers should be able to start buying Bitcoin & Co. from as little as one pound. The conversion rates are given in real time on the website. There are transaction and conversion fees when buying or selling. Holding crypto currencies, on the other hand, is free. Are crypto currencies becoming part of everyday payment life? With its move, the payment service provider expects crypto money to become increasingly established in everyday life. “With the entry of a trusted brand like PayPal, access, knowledge and exploration of cryptocurrencies has the potential to become mainstream in the UK,” said Jose Fernandez da Ponte, vice president and general manager, blockchain, crypto and digital currencies at Group.

It is the first time that PayPal is launching this offer outside of its own home market. Trading in cryptocurrencies has been possible in the USA since October 2020. Since March of this year, customers have even been able to pay with it using the function called “Checkout with Crypto“. According to the company, the dealers receive conventional money. The payment service provider takes over the exchange of the cryptocurrencies into dollars. UK PayPal customers will not be able to pay with Bitcoin for the time being. “We are determined to continue working closely with regulators in the UK and around the world to offer our support and make a significant contribution to shaping the role played by digital currencies in the future of global finance and trade, “said da Ponte. PayPal on crypto expansion course In the UK, the platform, which is used by more than 403 million people worldwide, competes in crypto trading with the platform Coinbase and startups like Revolut. Back in July, PayPal announced that Great Britain would be the next country in which digital currencies can be purchased via the platform in the future.

PayPal is gradually expanding its crypto expansion. The company recently advertised 100 job advertisements and was looking for experts in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain system. Another clue about the vendor’s policy is the removal of the US annual purchase limit. When the functions will come to Germany is still unclear.Bitcoin again above 50,000 dollars After the announcement by PayPal, the Bitcoin price rose above the 50,000 dollar mark for the first time since May. On Monday, a Bitcoin at the Bitstamp trading center cost $ 50,299 at times, a good two percent more than the day before. Since the interim low in mid-July, the price gains of the very strongly fluctuating crypto money have now totaled around 69 percent.

The decision of the US trading platform Coinbase to increase its own stocks of crypto currencies had also provided additional momentum in the past few days. Bitcoin’s record high of almost $ 64,900 in April is still a long way off. However, according to, the total value of all cryptocurrencies is now back over two trillion dollars.

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For the first time, the US group PayPal enables the purchase, sale and possession of cryptocurrencies via its payment service in Europe.

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