Business Movements Total US $ 820 Million in Colombia

Until February, 25 mergers and acquisitions were carried out, which is 138% more than in the same period of 2020.

In the first two months of the year, 283 mergers and acquisitions were registered in Latin America, of which 139 registered US $ 13,958 million. This translates into a decrease of 21.17% in the number of operations and an increase of 67.35% in the value of these, compared to the same period in 2020.

This is indicated by a balance on the M&A market in Latin America, according to the monthly report by Transactional Track Record

In February 2021 alone, 140 operations were recorded, between announced and closed, for an aggregate amount of US $ 4,314.96 million.

In the analysis by countries during the two-month period, Colombia occupies the fourth position with 25 transactions and a mobilized capital that has reached US $ 820 million, with an increase of 138% compared to the previous year.

Likewise, there is the business that Parque Arauco did, which sold a stake in the Caracoli and La Colina shopping centers to Inmoval for US $ 161.1 million.

According to data registered in February, by number of operations, Brazil leads the ranking of the most active countries in the region with 170 operations (with a year-on-year decrease of 18%), and with a 140% increase in capital mobilized US $ 12,030 million. It is followed in the list by Mexico, with 39 operations, with a decrease of 32%, and a decrease of 76% in its amount compared to February 2020 for US $ 277 million.

The third place is Chile and maintains its position, with 35 operations, a decrease of 3%, and with a decrease of 6% in the capital mobilized that amounted to US $ 942 million.

After Colombia – as the fourth country – Argentina appears, which also records 25 transactions, 39% more than the first two months of 2020 and a 78% decrease in capital mobilized to US $ 108 million. Lastly, Peru presents 10 operations, with a 52% drop and a 32% increase in capital mobilized with US $ 668 million.

In the cross-border area, the investment appetite of Latin American companies abroad stands out in February, especially in Europe and North America, with the registration of 9 operations in each region.

For their part, the companies that have carried out the most strategic operations in Latin America are from the United States and Europe, with 58 and 28 operations, respectively, says the Transactional Track Record balance sheet.

On the other hand, in February 2021, 13 Private Equity operations were recorded for US $ 2,925 million, which represents a decrease of 53.57% in the number of operations and a 481% increase in their amount, with respect to the same period of the previous year.

For its part, the Venture Capital segment has recorded in the second month of the year 108 operations with an aggregate amount of US $ 1,294 million, which implies a variation of 25.58% in the number of operations and an increase of 115.46 % in the value mobilized in year-on-year terms.

With regard to Asset Acquisitions businesses, up to the end of February there have been 36 transactions, for a value of US $ 4.5 billion. This represents a decrease of 47.83% in the number of operations, and an increase of 67.33% in the amount of these, with respect to the same period of 2020.

Finally, Transactional Track Record has selected as a noteworthy operation for February 2021 the acquisition of Petrobras Uruguay Distribución by the company Disa, through its subsidiary Mauruguay. This operation is valued at US $ 250 million.

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