Coca Cola Celebrates 125 Years with the Success of the Best Kept Secret

Invented as a tonic by the pharmacist John Pemberton in 1886, who shortly after sold his formula for about $20,000, the Coca-Cola soft drink maintains the secret of its composition and, now celebrating its 125th anniversary, generates a business of more than $35,000. million dollars annually.

The owner of this drink, Coca Cola Company, which will commemorate the anniversary this week with an extensive program of celebrations around the world and especially at its headquarters in Atlanta (USA), sells more than 500 brands, is present in 206 countries and their products are known by 95% of the world’s population.

However, the secret of its formula, called Merchandise 7X, remains in the SunTrust Bank Building in Atlanta and under a code that only two employees know who can never meet in the same place.

The company maintains that the word “Coca Cola” is after “OK” the most pronounced in the world.

It owes its name to Frank Robinson, partner of Pemberton, who made the famous spelling in which the two capital “C” stand out, which today remain as the company’s symbol.

But Pemberton did not imagine the success of this drink that, after being sold to businessman Asa G. Candler, became a pioneer in advertising and an icon of pop culture at the hands of artists such as Andy Wharhol or Norman Rockwell.

With slogans such as “The spark of life”, “Everything goes better with Coca-Cola”, “A Coca-Cola and a smile” or “Sensation of living”, the company has committed to launching optimistic messages and promoting a life active, healthy and committed to the environment.

In its commitment to improving the health of the little ones, the firm announced last year that in 2013 it will have withdrawn all its products from primary schools around the world and will keep classrooms free of advertising.

In addition, the company, the largest manufacturer of soft drinks in the world, governs part of its operations through a sustainable policy that aims to maintain a good working environment among its employees, contribute to the recovery of the environment and support less favored communities.

The world crisis does not seem to affect the Coca Cola Company, which in 2010 increased its profits by 73% to 11,809 million dollars and only in the first quarter of this year it earned 1,900 million dollars, an increase of 18%.

Currently, more than 1.7 billion Coca-Cola products are consumed daily around the world, including multiple brands of soft drinks, juices and even dairy products, a sector that the company intends to promote in the coming years.