COVID-19: Pfizer Wants to Reduce Vaccine Doses

Canada is still considering Pfizer‘s request to calculate six doses per vial of vaccine delivered rather than five, but the federal government is already preparing to comply with the pharmaceutical company’s new calculation.

Ottawa has ordered 40 million syringes needed to extract smaller amounts from each vial. Two million of these special syringes will be delivered next week.

In his update Thursday, the person responsible for the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines purchased by Ottawa, Major General Dany Fortin, assured that whatever happens, it will indeed be 4 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine. / BioNTech that will have been delivered to the country by March 31.

The soldier says that if Health Canada does not approve the calculation of six doses per vial, Pfizer will have to adjust. But for now, the company is planning its next deliveries with six doses per vial while Ottawa has five more.

As announced last week, Canada will receive 79,000 doses of Pfizer next week. The following week, Ottawa is only expecting some 70,000 doses. Then, it will be 335,000 doses for the week of February 15 and 325,000 doses for the last week of February.

“We have a figure that remains to be articulated in terms of quantities per week for the month of March,” said Mr. Fortin.

But as Ottawa has shared March figures with the provinces for planning purposes, some of them have expressed concern that the total for the first quarter is $ 3.5 million from $ 4 million.

“The total figure that (Pfizer) told us (…) comes to a necessarily insufficient number of doses, based on five doses per vial. (…) We will continue to revise our figures with Pfizer. Pfizer assures us that we will reach a total of 4 million doses by the end of March, ”explained the Major General.

Fortin concludes that the figures presented by the company will have to be adjusted for March, and perhaps even for February, if Health Canada maintains the number of doses per vial at five.

And then, Fortin insists that we must focus on the long term and dangles the 20 million doses promised by Pfizer between April and June.

For the moment, the vaccination campaign in the country is progressing at a rapid pace. “As of today, 902,446 doses of vaccine have been administered in Canada,” said Public Health Agency of Canada Deputy Chief Executive Officer Howard Njoo.

“About 2.3% of the Canadian population has received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine and (…) 0.1% of the population has received both doses,” Dr. Njoo calculated.

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