Cuban Central Workers’ Central Condemnation Acts

The Cuban Workers’ Central (CTC) rejected the protests this Sunday that took place in several Cuban cities as part of the media campaign that it is trying to impose to delegitimize the Cuban government.

In the statement issued, the trade union movement expresses its unconditional support for the “revolutionary and patriotic” response of the people and ratifies the commitment of the labor groups to increase efficiency in the production of goods and services and defend the Revolution.

The organization, which since 1959 has been involved in the construction of a more just society, denounced the matrix of humanitarian intervention promoted by the mercenaries, under the pretext of the situation generated by the pandemic and the limitations caused by the economic, commercial and financial blockade. from United States.

We Cubans know its true purpose and we express that we do not want such “help,” what Cuba needs is for the blockade to be eliminated, added the statement published today on the website of the weekly Trabajadores.

On the other hand, the CTC rejected Washington’s position to provoke a social outbreak in the largest of the Antilles, based on the resurgence of hostile politics and the adoption of 243 measures dictated during the administration of Donald Trump, which hinder economic progress and social of the country.

Likewise, the Cuban Workers’ Center thanked trade union organizations and friends of the world for their messages of solidarity and support for the social project of the largest of the Antilles.