Days Gone Game Director to Revive the Resistance Series

Jeff Ross and John Garvin, who led the development of Days Gone, were guests of the podcast by David Jaffe, where they talked about the unrealized projects of Bend Studio.

First of all, Ross clarified that Days Gone 2 was not canceled at all by the top of Sony. The project existed only in the form of an idea that was born within the walls of the studio. And its leadership (apparently, at the suggestion of the publisher) in every possible way expressed dissatisfaction with the first part. After all, the post-apocalyptic action game was met by critics without much enthusiasm. Therefore, no one even mentioned the creation of a sequel outside the studio.

But then another question arose – what other series could Bend Studio work on? After the negotiations, it became obvious that everything rested on Siphon Filter, which, in general, made the studio famous in the late 90s – however, then it was called Eidetic.

However, neither Ross nor Garvin was interested in this venture, so the first suggested another – to revive Resistance, and to transfer the gameplay to the open world. According to Ross, the series has enough elements to fit perfectly into such a concept. Sony did not approve of the idea.

The game director of Days Gone also clarified that the main source for counting copies sold was the now defunct Gamestat website. And the problem is that this tracker even takes into account the copies purchased on the secondary market.

Therefore, the real circulation may be significantly lower than the announced figure of “more than eight million.” Perhaps this is another reason for disappointment from the management of Bend Studio, although Ross continues to insist on his own, believing that Days Gone has sold plus or minus 8 million copies.